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I Hate Running Out of Beer!

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message 1: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) I've just cracked open the last of the Yuengling in the fridge. There's a few warm ones in the garage, but I can't wait long enough for them to get cold. I'm slightly buzzed, my infant daughter's asleep, and I'm cranky that I have to sleep alone again tonight, since my wife is out of town on business - and how dare she leave me in charge of a 10-month old???

Fuck it, I'm going to bed.

message 2: by Not Bill (new)

Not Bill You're going to bed? There's still beer...I don't care if they're warm. Get yer ass back in there and do what ya gotta do! Oh wait...10 month old...well OK, maybe just one more. You'll need one for breakfast.

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Put two beers in the freezer for 30 minutes. Put the rest in the fridge. After 30 minutes, drink the two freezer-cold ones on your own schedule; by then, the ones in the fridge ought to be cold.

Why didn't you explain this problem to me when I was online? Such a simple solution...

message 4: by Amanda (last edited May 22, 2008 04:28AM) (new)

Amanda (randymandy) Just don't forget about them, whatever you do! Beer is bigger than the bottle when it's frozen solid... :) Let my experience lead the way. (And Lisa's, too. And NB's. Ok, and probably your own. Hey, did ya sleep well?)

message 5: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) B-Double E-Double R-U-N, Beer Run.
B-Double E-Double R-U-N, Beer Run.
All I need is a ten and a fiver,
A car and a key and a sober driver.
B-Double E-Double R-U-N, Beer Run.

message 6: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) Will you all keep it quiet, please? I'm nursing a hangover.

Jeez, I hate getting old. 3 beers, and I'm a wreck the next morning.

message 7: by Not Bill (new)


message 8: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) The only time I'll try scotch is if I'm playing with a loaded gun.

Vodka, on the other hand. If you got Grey Goose, I'll be your friend for life.

message 9: by Summer (new)

Summer (summerbp) I hate that I can't get Yuengling in Georgia.

message 10: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) WHAT? That's just heretical, Summer. You need to move from Georgia, pronto!

message 11: by Sally (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 0 comments What is Yuengling? *googles furiously*

message 12: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) yuengling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling!

Mmmmm...Beer. From Pennsylvania!

message 13: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) Yuengling, the best thing ever to come out of Pennsylvania.

(*ducks at the inevitable "the hell you say" comments from the Keystone Staters*)

message 14: by Summer (new)

Summer (summerbp) There's this liquor store in Athens that's quite well-known for its beer selection. When I asked about Yuengling, the man intimated that they got it once in a while, but it was all a very hush-hush, under-the-table kind of thing. I looked it up on their site, and for some reason or another, Georgia can't (?) carry their beer. I had it the first time in Florida and have missed it ever since.

message 15: by John (new)

John (jonti) My life story!!!

Plan dear boy... plan.... it's all in the planning.... buy lots more beer... empty the fridge of useless items such as macro-biotic yoghurts, juices and bacon and load in the ale.... easy-peasie-weasie-lemon-squeezie.

message 16: by Sally (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 0 comments I like Dixie. Some bird told me that after Katrina they weren't going to re-open the Dixie brewery. Wonder if that is true...

message 17: by April (new)

April (escapegal) The hell you say...I'M the best thing ever to come out of Pennsylvania, thank you very much.

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