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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Drum Roll!

April challenge will be:

1. To read a book with pink on the cover. Anywhere, any amount. Pink is to symbolize the new flowers that will be starting to bloom this spring.

2. And/Or books with a ocean theme: diving, beaches, vacation, boating. I love to swim and sit on the beach with a good book.

message 2: by Zakiya (last edited Mar 15, 2010 01:33PM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I just read this post in about 2 min and I already know what book I will read:

The A-List by Zoey Dean* The A-List (A-List, #1) by Zoey Dean ,

and if I have time, Life of Pi by Yann Martel Life of Pi by Yann Martel .

What will you be reading Elyssa?

*The words "The A-List" on the front cover are written in hot pink.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm glad you like the challenge. I thought it would be fun and we would find some interesting books to be read.

Ideas for Pink: Dead Is the New Black (Dead Is, #1) by Marlene Perez by Marlene Perez Bound to Please by Lilli Feisty by Lilli Feisty The Lunatic Cafe (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #4)  by Laurell K. Hamilton by Laurell K. Hamilton The Luxe (Luxe, #1) by Anna Godbersen by Anna Godbersen

Ideas for Beach: The Beach by Alex Garland Alex Garland Lord of the Deep by Dawn Thompson by Dawn Thompson A Trip to the Beach Living on Island Time in the Caribbean by Melinda Blanchard by Melinda Blanchard

Ideas for now... We will see how things go.

message 4: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) hope I can read... The Magician (Nicholas Flamel, #2) by Michael Scott . It has some kind of pink/red color there :)

message 5: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Elyssa, thanks for the suggestions! I might be able to read some of them! ;)

Ayunda, I saw that book today in Books A Million when my mom took us. Let me know if you like it! :)

message 6: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) suree!! my friend recommended it, and I read the first book (The Alchemyst), and it was good.

message 7: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I want to read them, just haven't gotten around to buying them yet. HR! :)

message 8: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (flyinglogicmonkey) | 181 comments HR?

message 9: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) hmmm, id read the luxe, but I already have.Can red be an option?that way I can rread Rumors (Luxe, #2) by Anna Godbersen

message 10: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I've been wanting to read the Luxe series for a while, but haven't been able to.

HR = Happy Reading! :)

message 11: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (flyinglogicmonkey) | 181 comments Ooooohhhh. That makes sense. :)

message 12: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) You're welcome! Lol ;)

message 13: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) lol yes it does!

message 14: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I get pretty tiresome when I have to type Happy Reading over and over, so I just say HR now. Lolz :D

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

*LeONor*PapeRDoLL[[likesTweedleduM:]] wrote: "hmmm, id read the luxe, but I already have.Can red be an option?that way I can rread Rumors (Luxe, #2) by Anna Godbersen"

We won't condem you if you say it is really dark pink :)

did you like Luxe? Would you recommend it?

message 16: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) lol thanks;)

yes, it was my first historical fiction, its absolutely great recommend it to everyone!!

message 17: by Andrez (last edited Apr 15, 2010 02:18PM) (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) my books:
Rumors (Luxe, #2) by Anna Godbersen -> anna godbersen -> DONE
A Última Valsa de Chopin by José Jorge Letria -> José Jorge Letria -> DONE!!
Sexta-Feira ou a Vida Selvagem by Michel Tournier -> Michel Tournier -> DONE
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden -> Arthur Golden ->DONE!
A Great and Terrible Beauty (Gemma Doyle, #1) by Libba Bray -> Libba Bray -> DONE
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin -> DONE
Private (Private, #1) by Kate Brian - DONE (has pink on the back)

message 18: by Andrez (last edited Mar 31, 2010 03:09PM) (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) do her lips count as pink?

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

I guess we can say that it is really really really dark pink just like with the Rumours Luxe #2.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

By the way that is a HUGE picture! LOL!

message 21: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) lol i couldnt find it smaller

message 22: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I agree with Elyssa. That picture is oddly sized, but I understand that you might not have been able to find it any smaller. Lol :)

message 23: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) Lol XD

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

It gave us all a good laugh.

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Pink - Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate, #1) by Gail Carriger Currently Reading

message 26: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) ❤ ☠ Elyssa ☠ ❤ wrote: "It gave us all a good laugh."

It definitely gave me a good laugh lol :)

message 27: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) *pouts* aw

message 28: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Question: Is that a movie poster?

I started Life of Pi by Yann Martel today.

message 29: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) answer - i think it is

question - are you enjoying it?

message 30: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) answer - so far, yes. I'm only page 13 or 15 I think. I'm about to start chapter 4 lol. :)

question 2 your answer - have you seen the movie before?

message 31: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) nope but i think i will, have you?

message 32: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) No, but after I read the book (whenever that may be) I would like to see the movie.

message 33: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Am about to start Silverwing (Silverwing, #1) by Kenneth Oppel !

message 34: by Ayunda (last edited Apr 07, 2010 05:37AM) (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) I don't know if this is counted pink, but it definitely has some red...
The Magician (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, #2) by Michael Scott and I'm currently reading this book.

message 35: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Its a really dark pink.... :)

message 36: by Zakiya (last edited Apr 07, 2010 11:38AM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Started Specials (Uglies, #3) by Scott Westerfeld * yesterday! Haven't finished Silverwing or Life of Pi yet. (*Her lip gloss is pink.)

message 37: by Zakiya (last edited Apr 09, 2010 05:48AM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Okay so that we'll all be on the same page, I'm reading the following books for the April Challenge:

Life of Pi by Yann Martel , Silverwing (Silverwing, #1) by Kenneth Oppel , Specials (Uglies, #3) by Scott Westerfeld , and The A-List (A-List, #1) by Zoey Dean . I haven't started them yet, but I will be reading Kristen (Clique Summer Collection, #4) by Lisi Harrison and P.S. I Loathe You (The Clique, #10) by Lisi Harrison this month as well. :)

message 38: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I finished The A-List (A-List, #1) by Zoey Dean last night.

message 39: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) is it good?

message 40: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 551 comments FOUND ONE! *triumphant* Gathering Blue (The Giver, #2) by Lois Lowry

message 41: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) PapeRdoLL: I think it is. It has a lot of profanity, but a good story line. If you can just see past the cussing words, I think you'll enjoy the book. :)

Aviva: I saw that once but never gotvit. And now I don't know if they have any copies, but I think I will make my mom take me by there sometime this week maybe.... Lol :)

message 42: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 551 comments heehee. I got it out this week and just started it. I hope it's as good as the Giver!

message 43: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I hope so too! When you finish with it, put your review of it in the Review topic (General folder)! Happy Reading ;)

message 44: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (flyinglogicmonkey) | 181 comments Avi (Dra•ja) wrote: "FOUND ONE! *triumphant* Gathering Blue (The Giver, #2) by Lois Lowry"

Oooh, that's a good book. You've read The Giver, right? (Gathering Blue isn't a sequel, per se. More like a companion novel. But you should still read The Giver first :)

message 45: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 551 comments yea. giver rocks

message 46: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) lolz :P

message 47: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 551 comments :D it does

message 48: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) IK. I've read it before. I just think it was funny how you put it so planly. LOL :)

message 49: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 551 comments hehe

message 50: by Ayunda (new)

Ayunda (ayundabs) I finished the magician! Now im reading the lightning thief and the april group read: a great and terrible beauty.

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