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message 1: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 13 comments Hi folks! I'm the author of A River Calling, a Christian book to encourage dads, the setting a three month canoe trip down the length of the entire Missouri River. It was published in january. Of course many family, friends and colleagues purchased the book and I've gotten into a few barnes and Nobles, independent Christian book stores, and am thrilled that the board of Focus On the Family approved it for their Bookstore. I am sure that those of you that are Christian authors pray your work will bless others. (I hope you're not in it for the money!) LOL! I find as someone who likes to write, it it difficult to promote myself or the book, and figured many of you are the same. Just wondering if anyone out there has come up with creative ways to reach those who you feel would be blessed by your words.

Thanks and God Bless! Glenn

message 2: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 13 comments Hi Betty, Nice to meet you! Your book sounds very powerful. Sounhds like maybe you're like me and perhaps started writing what God put on your heart long before you thought of publishing. I didn't get the book on Dr Dobsons radio show, though that would be incredible. I have my book on the shelf in their store here in Colorado Springs. I live only 15 minutes from there so I took it upon myself to go in there after my publisher said it was almost impossible to get in there. If I never sell another book, the confirmation from their board is quite humbling and affirms God was in the effort. My main disappointment has been with the large Christian chains like Mardells, Family, etc. Secular stores seem much more willing to work unknown authors like us. I loved writing the book but really hate having to now promote it, a responsibility that is ours alone.
I hope your book is a wonderful experience for you and a blessing for many! You're not alone!


message 3: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 13 comments Hi Betty, I agree we need to trust god to do what he wants with our work. I like thinking about soemone out there I have never met who will benefit from my writing. that's pretty cool. I actually got a post office to do a display of the book on the counter! They've sold one so far. It came about when I was mailing out some books and I asked if he thought many Christians come through. Since its a book for dads I'm hoping it becaomes a gift for many. I also apporached my YMCA and we're doing a fundraiser signing on 4th of July. Not sure how it'll go but its a great cause.

Funny you said you have more books to write. After my first I was sure it was my only! Now i am deep into my first try at fiction; a western, time travel, Christian romance novel! Came up with a great inspirational story but wish the writer was as good! We'll see.


message 4: by Kathie (new)

Kathie (kathiemt) | 17 comments I published my book "Worth More Than Rubies: The Value of a Work at Home Mom" last September and it is in two major Christian bookstores around Australia and a secular bookstore as well. Also available online via a Christian bookstore connected to churches and radio stations around Australia.

I don't make much from those sources but it's important that the book get out there and bless people, as it was intended to. It is based on the Proverbs 31 Woman and is about today's work at home mum.

I now speak at conferences and seminars so get to sell a few copies that way and also sell via my own website.

message 5: by Eric (new)

Eric | 3 comments I self published a book in March entitled "Skinny Dipping with the Savior". I have received great feedback from the people that has read it, but the sells are not that strong. I believe that the book is a blessing to people and that God directed me to write it. To me, that is powerful!

God is Good!!! His thoughts are higher then mine. What if God wanted me to write the book and only one person reads it...isn't that one person worth it? That person is worth it in God's eyes. I am very eager for people to read my book and who knows, next year it could sell a million copies...but even if it sold one...that one person would be worth it.

Stay encouraged in the Lord.


message 6: by Eugene (new)

Eugene Fields, (UnderGodsAuthority) | 3 comments Hello everyone. I self-published my first book entitled,
Shift Change, Volume 1. It is a book of encouragement and inspiration for law enforcement, their families and friends. The law enforcement culture can change a person, and that change impacts everyone and everything connected to that officer. Many marriages are dismantled, alcohol becomes the counselor, the love for the job begins to fade, and many times hopelessness sets in. But, there is hope! God loves police! Police understand chain of command, authority, power, and are servants (ministers) to the public. This book won't prevent trouble from coming, but, it will change the way you view your circumstances. Hence the title Shift Change. A shift in your thinking will produce change in your life!

Also, I'm a veteran police officer/ instructor/minister. I wrote about what I know and live, and not about what I've heard. So, it's from the heart and not the ear.

My book became available yesterday. If you have any marketing advice or other suggestions for me, I would greatly appreciate it. My book's website is if you want to learn more about me. My email is

Have a POWERFUL weekend!

Eugene Fields, Jr.

message 7: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 13 comments Hey Eric, Your words have a lot of wisdom. I suppose most of us that are Christian authors fely moved to write, not wih the intention of becoming published authors, but just following what I believe is God's Spirit. What started out as something to leave my kids and grandkids just developed into what it became. I too hope to hear from that one person that tells me how blessed they were from it. I really enjoy when someone tells me they really enjoyed it but I really do hope it makes a big difference in a dad's life. You're right! One blessed soul makes it all worth while!


message 8: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 13 comments Hey Eugene, I look at any book like yours and mine as a niche market book. Christian cops and their families need to read it so you need to get to them. Its my experience with my book that women will buy it for their husbands (and read it also.) Getting with the Christian police groups or ministries is the first thing to do. You'll probably need to give away more books than you'd like for these folks to approve the contenet but as believers we can't blame them for that. Fundraisers are another way if your author copies are cheap enough. As everyone has said here already, its all a ministry and for the glory of God and blessing His people.

May the Lord bless your work!


message 9: by Kymberly (new)

Kymberly (freedom2fly) | 89 comments Mod
Eric, I haven't read your book but it sounds interesting. I think maybe because they don't understand your title. Tell us what your book is about and why you chose your title. Would love to hear about it.

message 10: by Eugene (new)

Eugene Fields, (UnderGodsAuthority) | 3 comments Thanks Glenn. I'm working on that as we speak. I'm getting my book to the chaplains and other organizations, but, you are absolutely right. More wives are buying the book for their husbands. But, regardless, it's great to do anything that gives God glory!


message 11: by Eric (new)

Eric | 3 comments Hey Kym,

I choose the title because I was praying and found that there were things in my life that I was trying to hide from God. I believe to understand God's intent for humanity, you have to look in Genesis before the fall of man and Adam was naked and unashamed and because of that I believe that we should be naked (Spiritually) before God. Not trying to hide our inperfections but expose them so that the Lord can make us right. I also can to the revelation that you must be in the Spirt of God (Living Water) and be Spirit led.

So you are spiritually naked and in Living Water...hence "Skinny Dipping with the Savior".

Thank you for asking the question. I am sure that others were wondering about that too.

message 12: by Kymberly (new)

Kymberly (freedom2fly) | 89 comments Mod
I totally agree with you Eric. I thought that is what you meant. But you never know what people's intent is. You gotten go with what God is telling you to do. I think you hit it on the head. We have to askin' ourselves; "Am I hiding anything from God?"

message 13: by Kymberly (new)

Kymberly (freedom2fly) | 89 comments Mod
Eugene, This sounds like an excellent book. I know quite a few officers; I will pass it along. Praise God that you heard God's call.

message 14: by Eugene (new)

Eugene Fields, (UnderGodsAuthority) | 3 comments Thank you, Kym. I received great news today! My book will be stocked in Greetings and Readings,very soon, along with a book signing event. I'll post the information as it is made available. The favor of God blows me away everytime!


message 15: by Civilla (new)

Civilla M. | 1 comments Hello All, my book "Down Again" came out in June of 2008. This is my first published book and little did I know at the time, that writing the book was the easy part. Now that the book is out and I am having to market it myself, I'm finding that is the very hard part. Let me first say that I did not want to write the book, God basically cornered me because I kept putting it off. The subject matter was just too heavy for me and I just didn't want to deal with it. When God says to do something though, he has a reason and the best thing we can do as Christians is to obey. As far as the marketing and sales: someone mentioned that you don't particularly care for the sales aspect, but the best way to look at this when there is some aspect of your ministry that you don't care for--and your book is your ministry, is to look at the bottom line. Not the financial bottom line, but the lives saved bottom line. I believe that Christian authors are lead by God to write the books that we write. If that is the case for you, then this is a ministry and we must get a business mind going because our books have been written to heal people--christians and non-christians alike. The part of the ministry that I don't like is the financial aspect. Keeping track of sales etc, but it must be done because as christians we must do everything in a spirit of excellence. As far as the marketing aspect: I love marketing, so calling book stores to get book signing gigs, calling churches and asking them to set up a speaking engagement, setting up an online presence--myspace, facebook,shoutlife, a website for the book, etc,that's not a problem for me and that will put your book out there. Everyone is online these days and if you have a myspace account and put your myspace address on your business cards and mailers, you are instantly hip-more web traffic, more book sales, more people getting the help that your book will provide. Another thing: I get no's and yes' from churches and book stores, but don't take 'no' personally, just move on to the next church or book store on the list. God will direct your path. If money is a problem: God will direct your path. I have a free website indirectly through my publisher. I had to set it up myself (knowing nothing about setting up a website but I learned really fast.) Bottom line: If you took the time and effort to write the book, follow through. It will be worth it. Best wishes to all of us in the field, putting our hands to the plow and not looking back!

message 16: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 12 comments Mod
I'm so excited to see so many Christian authors on here now. I'd like to start reading many of your works and start posting reviews for the rest of the group and all of Goodreads! If any of you are interested, please send me more information on your books and how I can find a copy. I'm looking forward to it as I'm an aspiring author myself.

As someone who has struggled through writing a book, I'm humbled by those of you that have made it all the way through. You're an inspiration and will be rewarded in heaven whether you sell a million copies or not!

message 17: by Kathie (new)

Kathie (kathiemt) | 17 comments My book "Worth More Than Rubies" is now available at which I'm really pleased about. Made #23 in the Top 100 Hot New Releases for Religion and Spirituality shortly after it was launched there.

message 18: by Eric (new)

Eric | 3 comments My Book "Skinny Dipping with the Savior" is available on Amazon. I have received great feedback from many readers. You can check out information about the book at

message 19: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 13 comments Hey folks! Since many of us on this thread are authors or hoping to be, I wanted to share my excitement and hopefully a bit of encouragement with all of you. My book, A River Calling, has only sold about 300 copies and as many authors realize, getting exposure and distribution is something most of us never thought about or relish being involved in. Well, out of the blue, I get an email from Focus on the Family Broadcasting! They read my book and thought it was great and they want to do a 30 minute phone interview with the consideration of doing a broadcast with Dr. Dobson! How wild is that!? Did the interview and I thought it went really well. The producer said there's no guarantees and its a long scheduling process, but they only interview authors they are confident they can use. So to say the least, you just never know what can happen when you just follow your heart and persue those things God puts on your heart, leaving the results to Him.

message 20: by Susan (new)

Susan Ellis (susanellis) | 5 comments Conrats, Glenn!! That's very exciting.

message 21: by Jesus (new)

Jesus Villalobos (jetski) | 9 comments Jesus Villalobos
My new book reveals that Jesus' words in Matthew 24 are a direct quote from Isaiah 13. Find out what He really meant. "Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood." available on now. Or:
available on March 29th at:

message 22: by Jonathan (last edited Mar 03, 2010 09:55PM) (new)

Jonathan Lopez Hi Glenn,

Congratulations on your book! Regarding your question about how to get people to read it, what you're doing right now, just talking about the book in a nice casual way, is a good start. Word of mouth is a powerful force.

With my own book, I found myself equally at a loss about how to stir up interest at first (my first book, I should mention, was not on religion, although the next one will be) but luckily I found a lot of useful information and ideas in a book by a man named Steve Weber. It's called "Plug your Book" and it explains things like how Amazon's internal systems operate, how book stores assess titles, how you can help generate interest in your book on your own, etc. There are tips in there that a lot of New York publishing executives don't even know about--I speak from experience on that--and all of this could be very helpful to you, I think. Anyway, you might want to check to see if your local library has a copy.

Good luck!

Plug Your Book: Online Marketing for Authors

message 23: by Mickey (new)

Mickey Mullen (mrmullenvcncom) | 632 comments In the replies I never saw hardly anything about the real problem of self published books. There is a stigma on them that a person in the media told me, that he wasn't allowed to read them. Most book stores
are not allowed to stock them. I believe it is that way all through the book Publishing business and into the movie industry, including my home town news paper. If it isn't a rip off it is the closest thing to it. I thought money would overcome all obstacles but after spending $70,000 the system proved me wrong. My book is about salvation as I experienced it, and there is no church doctrine with the truth. In all the Bible, certain people are chosen to do different things but if your to radical like Jesus was radical, most people wouldn't listen to Him, and it is the same with me. St Matthew 13:17 ---That many prophets (preachers) and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them: and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them. That is why Noah never had any luck and it says when Jesus returns it is going to be the same. My Book is "The Way The Truth And The Life" by Mickey R Mullen

message 24: by Morning (new)

Morning (morningdove10) | 12 comments Dear Mickey,
I know what you mean about self publishing. I, too, have spent alot and nothing sold. I think it has to do with a "name" and people that don't have a well known publisher or a name known of themselves are like any new movie star or singer trying to make it, they just don't have any attention from others. They are like a small fish in a big pond. I got to thinking about the Age of Aquarius and how it is the new age that Jesus longs for us to embrace but in this age it is different than the age of Pisces in which we have lived since Jesus came. I have a strong feeling that you have been given a higher teaching that is necessary for all people to see. Religion has got to be a force of helping people to become the spiritual beings they are (allowing them to use their free will without feeling guilty) and not to fit into a mold that was dogmatic and controlling. The Age of Aquarius is when we as a community rise up and open the awareness for the world to see and it no longer focuses on an individual success. But if you are an author and need to make a living this still is an obstacle. I am very interested in your take on salvation and your story. I walked for 26 years in a very strict, I call cult-like, but not known as a cult. It was christian and very controlling and I, too, feel the world doesn't understand the message of Jesus. It is wonderful to talk to you. I have an idea on how you can promote your book. What self-publisher did you use? I used Authorhouse. The problem for me is that people in general are changing in what they read because of the changes in the mind-set and because of the digital age. Write me back, I would like to talk more.

message 25: by Mickey (new)

Mickey Mullen (mrmullenvcncom) | 632 comments When I was a child my Dad was a ordained Assembly of God Minister and it was at that time that I felt the Spirit of convection. He only preached about 5 years and became a carpenter. At nine we quit the church and I was drunk and smoking from the tenth grade of school. A year after Getting out of the Navy I started going to church setting on the back seat on Sunday night, for two months. After I went to an alter it wasn't until after I left the church that I was saved at a gasoline service station. After that happened and reading the Gospels it was obvious to me Paul was Satans advocate and the church doctrines are not of God. Jesus spoke in parables and the preachers don't know what they mean. To change a persons mind is insurmountable and my book is as different as the Old Testament is to the New Testament, from sacrifices to having God save you. Ezekiel 36:26-25-27

message 26: by Morning (new)

Morning (morningdove10) | 12 comments I would like to read your book. What you are saying is that Paul was not at all helping Jesus? Is that correct? I believe that the gospels are very biased according to the powers of the church. I believe that they were put into the Bible to control the people in believing they only lived one life and had to do everything for the church now, in this life. Constantine and others were instrumental along with Catholic Church in what would be put in the Bible. A political, ego trip to put it bluntly. I believe other gospels that have been found have more truth than the ones in the Bible. Jesus taught of reincarnation and that was a reason the church controlled what was put in the Bible. It went against their ability to keep power over the people. Jesus came to teach that the kingdom of God was within us and not in a church. The church didn't like that, so again this was a teaching that had to be kept at a minimum so they could interpret otherwise. It doesn't mean that people can't find God in a church but the likelihood of them understanding the power of Jesus's message is slim. Jesus is Not The ONLY son of God. You are a son also. The "only son of God" teaching has destroyed the message that Jesus came to bring. He came to show us that we can become sons and daughters and we have within us to be co-creators, masters of our own destiny. He came as an example to show us how to attain christhood. The Christ is what we all can attain. It is simply a state of consciousness. So in other words Salvation is attained by allowing Jesus to help us become the Christ Consciousness or to have the Mind of Christ as it is written in the scriptures that Jesus spoke on. As for Paul, He was truly a difficult challenge for JEsus. Paul couldn't let go of the orthodox teachings. But when Jesus appeared before him in a direct manner, Paul did change. The only way we can understand how important it is for us to attain the level of Christ consciousness is to first know that God is NOT a judgmental God but a loving Father that loves unconditionally and you cannot loose His love, nor do you have to search for it outside yourself. The kingdom of God is within and so is God's love. You can't loose it. The only reason we struggle in life is because we don't think we are worthy of God's love and we feel separated from it. It is a "mindset" that is created by false doctrine from many religions. The teachings of Jesus begin with the truth that he is not the only son of God but a Son of God. You are a Son of God and you are loved as much as Jesus was and is today. JEsus attained a higher level of Consciousness because of what he was able to do in His lifetime. You are able to attain great works, too but it begins with what is within you. When you understand how important you are and how you have come in this lifetime to usher in the new Age, you can be awakened to a greater purpose and begin to change your level of understanding. Because you are not willing to sit back and believe church teachings tells me you have an important part that can be very valuable in helping Jesus in the Age of Aquarius. The Second Coming of Christ is not by Him visually coming but it will be seen in the "hearts" of millions of people. The Second Coming is in the Christ consciousness which is the embodiment of Christ in the hearts and minds of all people willing. Let's keep talking. I want to hear how you feel about I have said. I am not here to push anything on you but simply exchange thoughts.

message 27: by Mickey (new)

Mickey Mullen (mrmullenvcncom) | 632 comments That is correct, Paul was no help. St John 5:43-44 and Isaiah 14:13-14 KJV of 1611. The Gospels are written in either parables or allogory parables and it is not ment to be understood by everybody but only those that are saved. St John has the way that you have to believe in your heart, it doesn't matter what is in the rest of the world. 14;11 and 10:38 When you believe it triggers the Spirit to act and then you find out what it means to be born again and receive the Holy Ghost which is half of the salvation plan. Ezekiel 36:26-25-27 Constantine chose St John which is the only book that has the secret to beliving in Jesus and salvation. I have never read where I thought Jesus taught reincarnation.

There is a lot to the fact that the church does things that people have to do certain things for God, it is a way to keep money coming in. I believe it says you are a son but I believe it also says you are a child of God. I like that much better. We are not masters of our own destiny You have to believe in your heart in God's Son Jesus Christ.

Sin is in the heart and you must have it removed physically before you can become a child of God.

There is a lot said about love, It is a money grabber, but what did God say in Genesis 6:6 And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.
I don't believe God died on the cross but it was His Son Jesus. There for we have a quadrunt instead. God, Spirit, Jesus and the Holy Ghost all seperate with different goals but are under the Fathers thumb. It says a husband and wife are one but they are two, it is the same thing.

message 28: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Kirk | 154 comments Getting into Barnes and Noble is no small accomplishment, plus everything else you list. You might get and read John Kremer's 1001 Ways to Market Your Books if it's still out there. If not, I'm sure he would sell it through his website.

message 29: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Kirk | 154 comments Amen. Writers aren't salesmen and yet promoting is the bigger part of the job.

message 30: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Ellis | 39 comments Hi everyone. As Pat so well says, I don't feel like I am a salesman. I am a writer, and enjoyed birthing the books. Promoting is so difficult, and yet how does anyone know if we don't mention our works? :)

Recently I have made a "blogsite" with several interesting things on it for you to check out.
I hope you will please visit, enjoy, and tell me what you think of this effort at a "blogsite?"

:) Sharon

IrenesBookReviews Hi all! There is a website called Christian Review of Books, They accept books and then hand them out to their reviewers. I happen to be one of the reviewers. I enjoy doing it and have posted all my reviews on this site as well as the CROB site. I make a point to be positive in all my reviews and have found that most others on this site do as well. Hope that helps and best wishes on getting all your books read and out there to the general public!

message 32: by Deborah (new)

Deborah McCarragher (debitsdeb) | 12 comments Mission Possible on "Kindle Author" - Battling for your mate's soul isn't for cowards! Great exposure for Kindle books. Interview Format. Mission Possible Spiritual Covering by Deborah L. McCarragher

message 33: by Patricia (last edited Oct 20, 2010 11:51AM) (new)

Patricia Kirk | 154 comments Eugene: Shift Change sounds really good. I don't come from a police family but if you find those people, I know it will be useful.

Mickey: You're right about the self-publishing stigma but I think it's melting away pretty fast. On the other hand, CSPA carried an article that said that in the future all writers will sell about 14 books. I guess I should be grateful that I've sold my 14+ of One Touch from the Maker, Second Edition. I believe, though, that the cream will rise to the top. Books worthy of sales will get them. It's just hard work. My head is bloody from all the stone walls I keep banging it against for this book. That 14+ doesn't begin to cover costs.

Thank the Lord for the internet. You can do a lot of marketing here free.

Find One Touch from the Maker, Second Edition at my profile on here. You should be able to get to Amazon from there.

message 34: by Mickey (new)

Mickey Mullen (mrmullenvcncom) | 632 comments I see no sigh that self-publishing stigma is melting away. I have other problems beside this. The truth that Jesus taught is devastating to the unsaved. How can you get any one that is unsaved to help, that is my problem. It is like having Satan himself preaching the Gospel for Jesus. How far would that get?

message 35: by Deborah (new)

Deborah McCarragher (debitsdeb) | 12 comments Irene wrote: "Hi all! There is a website called Christian Review of Books, They accept books and then hand them out to their reviewers. I happen to be one of the review..."

Thanks for the mention of "Christian Review of Books" site. I sent mine to them today. Great tip! Be blessed...
Mission Possible Spiritual Covering by Deborah L. McCarragher

message 36: by Kitty (new)

Kitty Foth-Regner (kittyfoth-regner) | 13 comments Hi Irene, Thanks for the reminder about Christian Review of Books. Reading your post, I remembered sending in my book (Heaven Without Her) quite some time ago. Just checked the site and was delighted to see a review there by, I assume, you! Thank you so much for your kind words. It's indeed my prayer that the book will point at least some people straight to the cross -- including some feminist atheists who are looking for the truth.
Many blessings to you!
Kitty Foth-Regner

message 37: by Al "Tank" (new)

Al "Tank" (alkalar) | 47 comments The review site looked good, so I asked them if they review eBooks. Apparently not. I never got a reply.

We publish books in all genres and have two historical Christian fiction offering (The Master's Reliquary series) that we'd like reviewed.

IrenesBookReviews I am sorry they ( missed your email. They were going through a big site change the last few months so maybe it got missed. I don't think they have done any ebooks yet. Try emailing and asking again as if they don't it may be something they will do if asked! Hope that helps!

message 39: by Al "Tank" (new)

Al "Tank" (alkalar) | 47 comments Thanks, Irene. Just sent off a note to their "review" address asking about eBooks and offering the two books in whatever format they want.

message 40: by Mickey (new)

Mickey Mullen (mrmullenvcncom) | 632 comments Deborah: Thanks But I will garantee that my nonfiction book will never appear any where but the trash can. Truth is like death, People try and avoid it but sometime you can't get out of it's way. In the end time truth will raise it's head, but it will be to late. Do you know a church, that will tell you salvation is physical. When it happened to me it was physical that is why I don't go to any church.

message 41: by Al "Tank" (new)

Al "Tank" (alkalar) | 47 comments Mickey: Don't judge all churches by one. Shop around for one that is full gospel and suits your "style".

Giving up on all churches because one is "off base" is like denying yourself chocolate because aunt Bessie burned her last confection and you couldn't stand the taste.

Churches come in all flavors. Many of the "flavors" are Biblically correct, just presented in different ways. One may be very "formal" (vanilla) while others may seem chaotic (rocky road topped with jelly beans, sprinkles, and coconut) to those who aren't "into" that sort of thing. Find one where you are comfortable with the pastor/priest/whatever, the program, and the congregation -- and settle in.

Steer clear of the cults, the gnostics, and those run by some nutcase (yes, they're out there) and you should do just fine.

message 42: by Study375 (new)

Study375 | 5 comments Hello my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. You should check out the novel A Love Song for Bethany Might be a little provocative for some but it is very contemporary in it's arguments and statements. You will not be disappointed.

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