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I'm going to bitch about work... feel free to pass the thread by- it won't be funny.

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Servius  Heiner I have been here for three weeks, and I might be here for three more... I am up to my eyebrows in an-others fuck up. The folks below me are begging for help,thinking they will be blamed for the shortcomings of the designs, and those on high are demanding results.
last year when this project was conceptualized it was set to begin April 2011. Then 3 months ago, someone decided that waiting until everything was worked out was a "waste of resources" and that the project could start immediately if "action items" were prioritized properly.

I objected whole heartily with my usual tact reserved for folks that fit into a special breed of retarded, and was politely asked to remove myself from the "Strategic Reconfiguration project management board" (from now on described as "SR") and continue on with my "normalized operation management".

To make an already long story short: It has been a catastrophic failure. Who would have thought that retrofitting an 800 mile long industrial facility with new components would need to be thought out? Who would have guess that the 6 pump stations and 5 sub-stations would have minuet little differences unique to the region they were operating in?

Well jack ass "a" was not fired but he was politely asked to return to "normalized operation management" And so my phone starts ringing 3 weeks ago.

I have been charged with an almost impossible task: 1# identify and Isolate SR related components that are impeding throughput,.
2# determine root cause of SR failure. (I already know the answer to this)
3# implement "cost effective" "corrective action" to correct project/component deficiencies. Consult with contracted engineering firm(Siemens- who played a part in the current failure by the way)

4# Oh and if you don't mind can you have it all done tomorrow?

I have been exposed to too many corporate buzz words, finger pointing, and claims of "It's not my fault" over the last three weeks. They want me to fix it, but don't want to let me fix it...

Gene Police! Freeze! You, out of the pool!

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Aren't you raising hell about how they're all being idiots?

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Eh?Eh! | 443 comments What is this I'm feeling for you? Sympathy? Naw, gotta be indigestion.

That is complete suck, SSH. Really frustrating when you can't count on competence from the "team." Sorry for the situation.

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Kasia Sucks. You know you should ask for a raise, and a promotion.

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David You are not alone. A friend of mine once made it with a strategic reconfiguration project management broad and he never was the same after either.

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