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Sarah is alphabetically before Steve, so if he's going to make me a moderator without asking, he could at least put my picture above his.

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message 1: by Tesse (last edited May 12, 2008 09:07PM) (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) As the alphabetically disadvantaged among this trio I could not disagree more.

Except for the part about the lack of notification, thanks for the heads up Steve.

I solemnly swear I will do the best to flagrantly abuse my power at all times.

Appease me or die bitches!!!!


message 2: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) What is this about firm bottoms?

Yes, this is the level of quality discourse you can expect from me now that I am drunk with power.

message 3: by Not Bill (new)

Not Bill firm bottoms? where? whose?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

"He's going to put me at the bottom, now, isn't he?"

I like to think of it more as you providing the foundation for 'The Haters Harem'.

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