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Contracts: Or I like a Deadline

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message 1: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary I only write books on what interests me but I do like to have a contract in hand before launching into that final draft. I find that really helps motivate me past minor moments of writer's block. Being a long-time freelancer, I have a healthy fear of missing deadlines and will do what it takes to make it to that deadline!

I love old-fashioned sword-and-sorcery with big monsters, duels, and wild spells. So I went looking for a publisher who seem committed to that genre and found Wizards of the Coast in my backyard (as it were). Lots of queries and pitches led to my contract for my first novel with them: Crypt of the Moaning Diamond. And I had a blast writing it!

For years I've also been writing nonfiction books about collecting books. This came out of overflowing bookcases filled with early 20th century illustrated children's books. Since then, I've expanded to cover other areas of collecting juveniles. I have a new big book on the subject coming out this summer. Or as I like to tell people at book fairs, I can shop and research at the same time!

If I don't have contract, I try to make a deadline in my head. Writer's groups are good for this too! Or online mailing parties like the ones sponsored by Broad Universe.

message 2: by Steven, About The Author (new)

Steven | 65 comments Mod
Hi Rosemary, that's an interesting post. I guess the contract gives some thing to work towards. It does add a little pressure too but in a nice way.

All the very best


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