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~SEAL & Code Name books - Christina Skye

Summary: The unofficial series originally started out as a bunch of loosely connected books featuring Navy SEALs and grew into the Code Name series - which still features SEALs, but the CN SEALs are a special group who are part of a secret government project where microchips are inserted into the men to enhance their senses. The Code Name books utilize a recurring character from the original SEAL books.

1. 2000 Kisses
2. Going Overboard
3. My Spy
4. Hot Pursuit
5. Code Name: Nanny
6. Code Name: Princess
7. Code Name: Baby
8. Code Name: Blondie
9. Code Name: Bikini
10. To Catch A Thief (Draycott Abbey series crossover)

Pamela(AllHoney) (pamelap) Do they stand good alone? I recently found Hot Pursuit at a consignment shop. Should I try to get the books before it?

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For the earlier books, they stand pretty well on their own, you just miss some character nuances.

The Code Name books...I suppose they could stand alone, but they really should be read in order for you to understand exactly what's going on.

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Kathrynn Pamela,
I read and enjoyed Code Name: Bikini. It was good and I didn't feel lost from not having read any others in the series.

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Kathrynn Christina Skye

1. 2000 Kisses (SEAL and Code Name, 1) by Christina Skye 2. Going Overboard (SEAL and Code Name, 2) by Christina Skye 3. My Spy (SEAL and Code Name, 3) by Christina Skye 4. Hot Pursuit (SEAL and Code Name, 4) by Christina Skye 5. Code Name Nanny (SEAL and Code Name, 5) by Christina Skye 6. Code Name Princess (SEAL and Code Name, 6) by Christina Skye 7. Code Name Baby (SEAL and Code Name, 7) by Christina Skye 8. Code Name Blondie (SEAL and Code Name, 8) by Christina Skye 9. Code Name Bikini (SEAL and Code Name, 9) by Christina Skye 10. To Catch A Thief (SEAL and Code Name, 10) (Draycott Abbey) by Christina Skye

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I think Skye's latest book, To Catch A Thief, ties in with these. I haven't read it yet, but I'm pretty sure it sticks with the same set of characters (and crosses over with her Draycott Abbey series).

p.s. - nice work, Kathrynn, on adding the book links :)

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Kathrynn Cool! I added the book with the pictures. Do you want to add it to your post of the series order? ;-)

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Lisa Bureau (lisa-bee) | 1 comments I believe "The Perfect Gift" (a book in the Draycott Abbey series) is Izzy's first appearance.

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Debbie (halfpint66) | 38 comments I don't have the newest one.

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