Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia, #2) Prince Caspian discussion

nice sequal, man.

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message 1: by chris (new)

chris papalexandrou I'm reading this book in my class, and i've found it's pretty cool, judging what i've heard so far. It's a nice sequal to the first one, which was also pretty good, and it allows us to marvel at the speed of time in Narnia. What i'm wondering is if Caspian is Peter's discendent, or something.

Melissa Wow, I didn't think about it. I don't think so because Aslan explains towards the end how Prince Caspian comes to Narnia and it involves Pirates. I think they are just separate, but let me know what you think, now that you've finished the book.

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Caspian is not Peter's descendant, Caspian and his people were all descendents of pirates that found a portal into Narnia on a deserted island.

message 4: by C. J. (new) - added it

C. J. Scurria That is interesting you are reading it in class. Is this public school? College?

Yeah. I think sometimes that he could be Peter's descendant. . . that would be kinda disturbing though.

But the movie comes up with a backstory. . . I think that is what the "portal" is all about that was said in message 3.

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