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I hate how Henry found cigarettes in my purse.

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message 1: by Lori (new)

Lori Say, so did you really quit?

I feel like starting a I Hate Quitting Smoking thread.

Servius  Heiner Don't quit. I need a support group for smokers...

"I smoke and I'm fine with that."

“This is me smoking, I am the smoke."

"This is my cigarette, I own it, I will smoke it, and I will buy more of it!"

"My lungs are black and sticky, and I'm fine with that too."

"Cancer, in my lungs, I don't care I like it there. Cancer in my throat, I don't care I like it there."

Come on smokers we need to unite, we have the whole freaking country after us. Standing outside airports, restraints, BARS! Like were some kind of second class citizen. It is time to fight back.

message 3: by Lori (new)

Lori You hate us? Even if we're nice good people who are considerate to non-smokers? That's a rather strong sentiment...

Servius  Heiner I hate that you breath, Go choke yourself with your self righteous bullshit.

message 5: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) The kid finding the pack of cigarettes can be an "oh, shit" moment for a few reasons.

There is the obvious issue of setting an example, wanting your children to be healthy.

Then there is the constant barrage of information that they get in elementary school about how nasty smoking is or plaintive pleas to quit before you get cancer and die.

This has driven many a smoking parent to sneak about like a furtive junior high school student.

Sarah, I am a casual smoker as well and I have found myself (at age 34) hiding smokes from my mom.

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