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May! We're gonna have some steam and some punk

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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod

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Ari (coveredinsnow-) | 32 comments I'm currently reading Songs of Love and Death: All-Original Tales of Star-Crossed Love but for the book club I'm going to try The Necromancer ad possibly Boneshaker (can't find an e-book for this one and I promised myself I wouldn't open Amazon this month).

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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod
I have Boneshaker! Just tell me your email gurl.

message 4: by Tori (last edited May 23, 2015 07:11AM) (new)

Tori (sometorist) | 21 comments I'm in the middle of an anthology of steampunk short stories. It's an interesting grab bag, tbh. Some of them are horrible duds, and some of them are really fascinating...? So far, my favorites have been the ones that dabble into the horror genre – talking dolls, Frankenstein-esque 'creating life' type narratives. And I don't usually go for those kinds of reads? So I guess I'm expanding my horizons and stuff... I dunno, though. I'm not totally loving it; maybe steampunk just isn't my genre! Eh.

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Ari (coveredinsnow-) | 32 comments if it's of any consolation necromancer turned out to be kinda MEH... I'm stuck on chapter 2 and I don't think I'll finish it tbh.

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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod
I'm reading Boneshaker and enjoying it so far. I'm not crazy about where it's set (seattle during the american civil war - don't be fooled though, there are zombies and crazy shit) BUT the worldbuilding is definitely interesting. The POV characters have me a bit divided, they're mother and son, and while I love the shit out of Briar already and that she's allowed so much more than just existing as the mother of the teenager who's seeking answers/adventure, the teenager in question is boring me to tears.

Also some aspects of the book have me raising my eyebrows, like a lot of racist language is thrown around, and looking up opinions on that I found out people have actually written papers about how race plays a part in this series??? So that's more stuff I want to check out tbh. From what I've read a huge part of this story is about Briar making a network of women to push back against a patriarchal society, but that the same doesn't really happen for other minorities. But I don't know, we'll see what happens, I'm still pretty early in (I keep sleeping, I DON'T KNOW).

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Marina (regulardragon) | 74 comments Mod
ANYWAY, I feel like steampunk is a genre that is all about finding the right book for you, when you do the setting makes the story even better. If not, it gets complicated and you end up putting it away.

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