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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. A mystery book i guess youd call it a teen book i read it in middle school [s]

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Ezekiel Poore | 3 comments A book where a kid lives in a town were theirs this old mine i think and he is friends with this girl and the go there and find a ghost or something and it has something to do with alchemy and there are more then one book i cant remember nothing about it in one of the books it talks about Edger Allen Poe and it is written like someone is writing in a journal

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Kris | 34375 comments Mod
Ezekiel, I'm moving your request to the "Unsolved" folder because you're looking for a specific book (or series perhaps). Good luck!

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Lobstergirl | 38155 comments Mod
What year did you read it? Did it seem new or old at the time? Illustrated?

message 4: by Ezekiel (new)

Ezekiel Poore | 3 comments Lobstergirl wrote: "What year did you read it? Did it seem new or old at the time? Illustrated?" it seemed lke a new book like it was written in the 2000s i read it around 2012

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Itamoo | 11 comments did you mean thriving family in the skeleton creek series by patrick carmen? has everything you mentioned
eenagers Ryan McCray and Sarah Fincher are bored in their small mountain town of Skeleton Creek, Ore. Their boredom gives way to curiosity about the town's name and mining history. They're especially interested in the dredge, a monstrous mining machine in the forest that once ate through the land and forged Skeleton Creek. (The company that owned the dredge used it in their quest for gold.) A miner named Joe Bush died at that time, and some believe his ghost still haunts the dredge.

Ryan and Sarah sneak out one night to search the dredge. Ryan is startled when he sees what he believes to be Joe Bush's ghost. Ryan falls and injures his leg. This isn't the first time Ryan and Sarah have been in trouble together. Ryan's love of composing spooky stories in his journal, and Sarah's obsession with investigating and videotaping, have caused their parents concern in the past. Ryan's injury is the last straw.
Sarah and Ryan begin to piece together the connections between the dredge, the now-defunct mining company, Joe Bush and a secret alchemistic society called the Crossbones, of which Ryan's dad may be a part. They theorize that Joe Bush's death was murder and that he has returned to the dredge to guard his gold

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Itamoo | 11 comments well boo. i hit everything from the characters the ghost the alchemy and journal style the mine and edgar allen poe... any more hints about the book?

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Itamoo | 11 comments ohhh yay so it may still be it, we just need to wait to hear back from ezekiel

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Ezekiel Poore | 3 comments Itamoo wrote: "ohhh yay so it may still be it, we just need to wait to hear back from ezekiel"
Omg yes Thats it im so happy thank you guys so much i am really glad a found this cite

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