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Questions About the Ending

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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley **SPOILERS**

There are a few points to the novel that I don't feel were well explained or discussed during the ending. I was wondering what others have to say about these questions that they could clear up or give advice on:

1) What motivation did Evelyn have for killing Emily? Certainly it wasn't money, she said many times in the beginning of the novel that she didn't accept any gifts at all from Emily and only wished to work for her exact pay rate. From Arthur's point of view, it was well known that he was going to get all her money anyway once she died, why did he kill her? Not to mention that since he did kill her, the money now goes to her step-sons. Doesn't make much sense to me.

2) Did Emily seriously die the exact moment that Mary happened to come into the room for a completely different reason? What on earth are the odds of that? How did the medicine get delayed that long, and if she was so close to death when she woke up, how was she able to get up? It doesn't make sense to me how she just happened to die of a month-long plan of poisoning at the exact moment Mary is in the room.

3) Why on earth would Emily keep a table in her room on which if you place anything, it will immediately fall off and smash? Obviously it would have been fixed or removed from the room like day 2 of it being in the house. Hercule says that this means she never drank the coffee, but it's not like she just bought that table that day and its the first time she's ever put something on it. It seems like a desperate and illogical detail to add into the story by the author to explain something.

Tytti 1) I think it would have been taken too long and I don't think either of them were willing to wait. She could have divorced him before that happen.

For the other questions I have no answer, I am used to coincidences.

On a different note, this kind of "discussion question" doesn't really allow discussion. You can only reply once and can only comment on other answers.

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Tytti,

Thank you for your response. I changed the title and unchecked the discussion box.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* I agree with Tytti on #1 - also I think she found out he was cheating and their plan was about to go upside down because of it. They had to act fast.

The table doesn't bother me - I have small tables myself where it's easy to knock stuff off. In those Victorian days it was more about the décor and some of that furniture was small/short

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