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Does the Clave have too much power over shadowhunters and downworlders?
Beata Beata May 03, 2015 12:17PM
In reading both of the series of the Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments, it came to me to think that the Clave has to much power of the shadowhunters. I was upset how easily they were able to make very unfair choices to the shadowhunters.

i feel like the clave was created at a time when they NEEDED someone or someone(s) to have the ultimate power and control. I think that at a time when things like that are necessary - it is what it is. I think that the issue here is that over time things didn't really evolve. and that's the case with a lot of 'all overseeing bodies of power' that everyone takes their rules to be 'the governing factor' and times change. reasons for things being as they are change. I feel like it added to the dynamic of the story though - that the Clave was the rule and you had to abide and that there was really no going around it for the most part.

the clave has a lot of power and it does use it badly but think of it this way they are really an arrogant lot..ri8??? it took them hundreds of years to agree even on accords..I think that some of their arrogance is warranted but not all o it they really need to love the mundanes but hell.... like i said it took them a century for a shaky accord then another for a slightly firm one... cass actually kind ov tells us that yah they are getting better over the perod of time and it takes people from the ordinary mundane world to acheive tessa and simon and clary

The Clave are in charge and there is nothing we can do about it. They are just trying to find a better future not only for the Shadowhunters but also for humans. However it is unfair how they treat the Downworlders who do nothing wrong.

I've only read the Mortal Instruments. I didn't like their treatment at the end with Faeries and neither did Magnus. They seem pretty hated by the other downworlders. So yes, think they have a little too much power.

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