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Carolina Hurricane (Drive Me Wild #1)
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Jessica Adkins-Charles (jkcharles_) | 6 comments So what does everyone else think about Harley's attitude in chapter six? I thought it kind of came out of left field given what had happened between them, but then again Harley was drunk and she's used to guys like Mack. I do like the fact that Harley is a feisty one though and is a strong female.

What did you guys think when she starts yelling in the middle of the beach bar - that Fox's family owns - about him not knowing her even though he ate her? I would've been utterly embarrassed in Fox's shoes to be honest.

Jennifer Zamora (the_naughty_librarian) | 2 comments I do NOT agree about Chapter 6. I dont really think it came out of no where. I thought it had been building up to that.
And I guess part of it for me with the scene at the bar, well he had seen enough to know she was a handful. I guess. Altho I at least got the impression his family is rather "open" with each other. So maybe it wasnt an embarrassment as much?

Jessica Adkins-Charles (jkcharles_) | 6 comments As I kept reading more about his family and about Harley's past it didn't seem so embarrassing since they seemed like an open and pretty down to earth family. And as I read more about Harley's past, the fact that she wasn't used to good guys or people caring, etc. made it no surprise that she would try and push Fox away.

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Maci Dillon (macidillon) I thought the scene was fitting, it all had started to seem too perfect for Harley and she wasn't used to being treated with care or respect so she rebels. Her outburst would have been embarrassing for sure, but Fox's family are loving and non judgmental. I think they all see Harley for who she truly is right from the get-go.

Angie | 17 comments Mod
I totally agree Maci!

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