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It is a YA novel, read sometime in the mid- to late- 2000s (2007/ 2008). The series had, I believe, three novels. The cover is white with a water colour-like image; one of the three being of a fair ground (I think there was a ferris wheel).

The book is set in the USA and revolves around two blonde teenage (?) sisters (I think one of their names is Samantha) who are running away from their Aunt and Uncle. They take up residence in a small town and are trying to avoid detection. The younger sister is a teenager and attends the local high school, and I think the older sister graduated high school. (Random remembered fact: older sister tells younger sister that she should take a automotive/ mechanic class so they can take care of their car).

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Sue Elleker | 783 comments I remember these! There were 4 books, and I think the author's name began with an R.I think one of the titles had 'Rose' in it. Sorry I can't remember more.

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N (kaxxie) | 104 comments I'm not sure of the details, but could it be M.E. Rabb's Missing Persons series https://www.goodreads.com/series/67876? The first book is The Rose Queen

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Michelle °O° | 154 comments All I can think of is Ten Tiny Breaths. But that was written later than you need.

Ten Tiny Breaths

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Sue Elleker | 783 comments That's the one, Nancy! I knew Rose was in one of the titles.

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That's totally it Nancy!! THANK YOU!! And thanks Sue and Michelle. :)

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