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Faeries, Farms and Folk (Ours, Yours and Mines #3)
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Our Authors Spotlight > Family saga set in Scotland (but the author is an Aussie!)

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Carmel Audsley (httpwwwoursyoursandmineswebscom) If you like to read historical fiction, especially family sagas, you may be interested in my trilogy of novels. I am an Australian journalist and author. The books are all set in Scotland and based on real people, places and events. 'Faeries, Farms and Folk' is set in the mid-1600s to 1700s and takes you into the lives of the agricultural workers of southern Scotland, their belief in witchcraft and the hold that the church had on them. As common lands are swallowed up by The Enclosures, the security of their tenure on the land is taken away and families must move from farm to farm in search of work. Eventually, with the industrial revolution and the invention of farm machinery, many leave the farms and move to the coal mines which is detailed in 'Ours, Yours and Mines'. It is a hard life and the family is affected by tuberculosis - seven out of eight children die in their little two-room house. 'Far Across The Sea' takes a family member to France to fight in WWI and ends with a much-loved son moving to Australia (which is how I came to be here).
For the month of May, all kindle versions of the books have been reduced to $2.99 each. The novels are also available in paperback via amazon. They have received great reviews.
I would be happy to answer any questions from readers.

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Faeries, Farms and Folk (Ours, Yours and Mines #3) by Carmel McMurdo Audsley Faeries, Farms and Folk by Carmel McMurdo Audsley

Congratulations Carmel!

Carmel Audsley (httpwwwoursyoursandmineswebscom) thanks Brenda. You can read a lot of good reviews of all the books on It's a good site.

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