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Emily V (xemilyx) | 687 comments Mod
Tell us about your book and why it should be selected in your own words - blurbs are less convincing!


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Scott | 13 comments My brother and I co-wrote a book together called "Get the Hell Off My Porch." It was a collection of short stories, along with an overarching storyline, about our time as door-to-door salesmen in the wild streets of Kansas City. The book is aimed at humor but anyone that has been a salesman, dealt with salesmen, or even telemarketers will get a laugh at the inside-look at the sales industry.

We really wrote the book for ourselves, more than others, but it has spurned our interest in individual writing careers, along side our regular careers of helicopter pilot (my brother) and young attorney (me).

We'd love to reach a broader audience and hear from the community what we can do to better engage our readers!

Edit: Here is the amazon link!

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Michael Cargill Cargill (michaelcargill) | 372 comments Saying Goodbye to Warsaw

I'm nominating what is the most well received of my books - Saying Goodbye to Warsaw

Set in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII, it is a tale of struggle and sacrifice during humanity's greatest tragedy... the Holocaust.

Although the story is initially centred around the plight of a single family, it soon extends outwards to demonstrate the lengths that some were willing to go in order to survive, the divisions that existed amongst the Jewish inhabitants themselves, and the determination of the few who were willing to pool their resources and fight back against their Nazi captors.

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Tara Ellis | 7 comments Bloodline
Bloodline (Forgotten Origins Trilogy #1) by Tara Ellis

Although this is categorized as a Young Adult is SO much more than that, and has been enjoyed by both men and women of all ages.

Bloodline, book #1 in The Forgotten Origins Trilogy, isn't your typical scifi. The story is intricate and thought-provoking, with characters you come to love, both good and bad. I take the ancient alien theories to an all new level, delving into both Egyptian and Native American legends, as well as biblical and Sumerian text.

I promise you won't be bored, and at the end of this trilogy, you will be wondering..."Is it possible?"

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Joseph Cognard (jcognard) | 18 comments Written for You by Joseph Cognard
Written for You

I would love if my book could be considered for your group. Why is my work unique and worth your time? For starters, it's a play. It's also a dark comedic mystery, though the bigger mystery is why I decided to make it a play. Regardless, if I did it because it was easier is really not important. What is how so many reviewers here have said afterward, that they enjoyed it so much that they might have to read some other plays. Come on, I know you guys are read count crazy; if it's easy to write it's easy to read.
Seriously, I feel that you guys would really enjoy it, like most reviewers here have, and also, that the topic is quite current and really applies to the Goodreads community. The plot centers around an accountant at a publisher who writes a campfire book. Things go downhill quickly when he tries to enlist readers at work to critique his book. People have really enjoyed the twist at the end as well as the general zaniness of the characters.
Thank you so much for any consideration,
Added excerpt below:

Mike: I did look at a couple of pages. I think I was skimming through the second story, it was deeper than I had expected. Who did you write it for?

Bob: I didn’t write it for anyone. I might add some acknowledgements later.

Mike: I wasn’t asking whom you dedicated it to. I was inquiring what audience you were targeting. You know, what part of the population will be reading the book? Who were you trying to reach out to?

Bob: I don’t know, maybe psychotic kids.

Mike: You wrote a book targeted at psychotic kids?

Bob: I mean, they are part of the population, right?

Mike: Yes, just not really the book reading part of the population.

Bob: Well, maybe it’s just that no author has targeted them.

Mike: Probably, and with good reason, but, hey.

Bob: (Interrupting) Are you really supposed to target a certain type of person, like some kind of trained sniper?

Mike: No, you are not supposed to target them like a sniper, picture yourself in a machine gun nest. You’ve got to hit as many of them as possible, and then, when you are done spraying them with bullets, we have marketing charge in and bayonette the survivors.

Bob: It all sounds so gruesome.

Mike: And you thought it would be pretty and easy, that you could just write a book and have no problem finding people to read it. There was some mythical tree with readers just standing around, waiting for peoples’ books to ripen so they could just pick them.

Bob: I just figured there are a whole lot of people reading.

Mike: There is, and a hell of a lot of people writing books for them. Bob, keep in mind that there is a finite number of readers and now, with self-publishing just about an infinite number of people writing books for them. You’re in finance, do the math.

Bob: Anything divided by infinity is zero, like the amount of readers I have had so far.

Mike: See, maybe you could use your book to form some sort of mathematical proof.

Bob: I’d rather have it be the anomaly.

Mike: Well, then you better prepare for some ugly days ahead. Anomalies don’t come easy. Not in this business. I’ve got to say, in the little I read, I thought you did a good job writing down to the audience. I was really surprised to see how well you wrote down to their level.

Bob: (Pausing, as he does not at first understand, then finally realizing, hesitantly speaking) Thanks.

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Paromita Goswami (paromitagoswami) Thank you so much for the opportunity Emily.
Shamsuddin's Grave by Paromita Goswami
I present to you my debut book , a contemporary fiction in adult zone.
Why Shamsuddin's Grave??
1) It's a mature story based on youth migration.
2) The characters are well defined and touches the reader.
3) The story deals with relationships and its challenges.
4) It's the face of harsh realities of life.
5) The protagonists are strong and well portrayed.
6) The narrative is short and polished, both sad and cheerful wherever required
7) The plot setting is of the troubled North East India.
8) Prevalent social issues.
9) Its all about loving your family against all odds.
10) The intense plotting keeps you hooked up till the last page.You can check out the reviews to know more.

This book is definitely a breezy change from what you are used to. It will leave you THINKING & WONDERING.

Thank you for considering.

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Mel Smith (melrjsmith) | 4 comments Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy, Not Rich, Not Famous, Just Truths
Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy is my story. I'm not rich, I'm not famous but I still has some humoures tales to tell of my life growing from boy to man in the UK during the 70's, 80's and 90's.
It allows you to follow my journey though life with some fun times and tough times, share in my adventures and meet the characters I encountered along the way.
My Amazon reviews can be found here
And you can read the first three chapter to whet your appetite here

message 8: by Pavan (new)

Pavan Kaur (pavankaur) | 18 comments My first time coming on here, so here it goes :)

Moving On is my first book from the Moving Series.

Moving On for my is a story that I worked on for 3 years here and there, never thought much about it, until a good spring clean on day and I found it again, when I re read it I fell in love with the story and thought to myself why did you not doing anything with it.
I worked to make it prefect, prefect to me and the more I was reading and writing the more i fell in love with it.
I really want readers to fall in love with it too as much as I have.

message 9: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Cusick-Jones (melc-j) Hi - I'd like to offer my latest book 'The Rainbow Maker's Tale' - it's a YA dystopian novel, with a lightly sci-fi slant. It is the 'joint' first book in a series I'm writing, where you can read either of the books first, as they tell the same story from different character's POV

The Rainbow Maker's Tale
The Rainbow Maker's Tale (The Ambrosia Sequence, #1.5) by Melanie Cusick-Jones

“I wasted no time looking around the bland plastic space I had lived in all my life. There were no real memories here for me, no cherished moments or things to reminisce over: all that had stopped when I was eight years old and learned that life on the SS Hope was built on lies.”

Outwardly, Balik is an obedient member of society on Space Station Hope: he follows The Council's systems, excels at school and seems happy to follow in his parents footsteps...

Balik's real life is filled with secrets he can share with no one. As he follows his suspicions about the space station into ever more dangerous territory it seems like his whole world will unravel around him. But, he doesn't understand everything: things are wrong, he is sure of that, he just doesn't know why.

When Cassie unexpectedly comes into his life, Balik struggles to find his balance. For years he's investigated the oddities of the world he lives in, but Cassie makes him question things in a different way... Can he believe in this girl who seems so much a part of the system he distrusts? Would she put a stop to his plans to break out if she knew what he was really up to? Balik can't be sure of anything - except the fact that he can't leave her alone.

message 10: by Helen (new)

Helen Yeomans | 4 comments I'd like to offer my new YA novel, Return to Kaitlin. It's due out on June 15 but I'll be glad to provide ebooks in advance of that.

This is a story about a 19-year-old who gets kicked out of university for failing grades and goes off to the Canadian north to find work in the oil business. Here's where you can read a bit more about it. I should warn that the language, like kids' speech today, is often rough.

message 11: by Francis (new)

Francis Powell (francishpowell) | 23 comments I'd like to suggest my book Flight of Destiny, it is an anthology of 22 short stories with a twist at the end.
"With 'Flight of Destiny', I want the reader to squirm at the behavior of some undeniably despicable characters, be charmed by their wit under duress, and be totally drawn into the harrowing world of the oppressed, all while savoring these dark, surrealist stories." "'Into this anthology, I have injected my vast accumulation of angst and blended in my warped sense of humor."

message 12: by Emily V, Head Mod (new)

Emily V (xemilyx) | 687 comments Mod
As of the next group read after this one there will be some new rules going off your comments.

Firstly there will be multiple group reads at a time going off genres, we will vote on genres, pick a certain number of them and then you submit books that fit those genres which will be voted on.

Secondly submissions will REQUIRE an excerpt to give readers a feel of the books.

If you have any more suggestions feel free to message me!

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Pasquale Russo (pasqualerso) | 8 comments "Another Vanishing Act" is a humorous tale about life in a senior's apartment building where the folks aren't referred to as "seniors" -- they're antiques, made valuable and classic by time.

What's the story about?

The quirky residents at the Excelsior Senior Apartments keep Dan too busy to do his job. And with a large gambling debt past due, he's forced to focus on coming up with the cash. Getting involved in a risky scam seems the only solution – even though he knows that it betrays the residents he wants to help.

If his secret gets out, more than his thumbs will be broken. The best girlfriend he’s ever had will leave him. And if he fails, he’ll either be occupying a pine box or wearing prison orange.

Another Vanishing Act is a humorous look at how one man's trouble plays out in a senior living community amid a mature cast of oddballs. And it shows that even your grandparents can be both funny and surprising.

The idea originated with my 80-year old father-in-law, who is a co-author, after he moved into a similar facility. You can check out our website for some information: https://anothervanishingact.wordpress....
Another Vanishing Act

message 14: by Akinola (new)

Akinola Ajani (AkinolaAjani) | 3 comments I would like to suggest my first book which is actually Nigeria's first counterterrorism novel titled Operation Game Change.

It is a story about a country where terrorism has become the order of the day and the citizens have lost faith in the president. The steps that the president eventually takes to tackle the crime by engaging a retired General to assemble a special team is what makes the book intriguing.
The amazon link is

message 15: by Akinola (new)

Akinola Ajani (AkinolaAjani) | 3 comments I would like to suggest my first book which is actually Nigeria's first counterterrorism novel titled Operation Game Change.

It is a story about a country where terrorism has become the order of the day and the citizens have lost faith in the president. The steps that the president eventually takes to tackle the crime by engaging a retired General to assemble a special team is what makes the book intriguing.
The amazon link is

message 16: by Linda (last edited May 11, 2015 09:28AM) (new)

Linda Dobinson (baspoet) | 7 comments IF there are any poetry fans here I would like to offer my collection of poems Encounter Encounter by Linda Dobinson . It is a quick read - 79 poems and many are short. I love nature and the seasons so many are inspired by them but many are about my experiences of love - not always good. One is inspired by my love of shopping!!!

message 17: by Gillian (new)

Gillian Jackson (gillianjackson) | 3 comments I would like to submit 'The Counsellor' the first of the Maggie Sayer novels. The protagonist is a therapeutic counsellor and the book follows three of her clients as well as Maggie's own story. Some gritty issues are tackled, such as domestic violence and historic abuse, but all in a sensitive manner, giving the reader a 'fly on the wall' experience into the therapeutic world. The Counsellor by Gillian Jackson

message 18: by Narayan (new)

Narayan Liu (narayanliu) | 16 comments I'm putting my first novella forward, The Masks of Monsters.

The Masks of Monsters by Narayan Liu

It's a short piece of vampire fiction that introduces the epic world I'm trying to build. Vampires are wonderful metaphors for the human condition and in this novella, I explore the boundaries of both humanity and monstrosity. Where does the man end and the monster begin?

The story follows two characters: Darius Burke and Aeron. The former is a young man who runs away from home after committing a horrendous crime. In his exile, he encounters Aeron, a monstrous vampire who steals him away from the world of mortal men. Though burdened with an endless curse, Darius escapes and returns to his home, trying to come to terms with the creature he has become while salvaging what precious humanity he has left.

Aeron on the other hand has used his monstrous form as a shield. He wields it like armour, keeping the guilt and human tenderness at bay. He too has to face what he is and what he is not.

Everyone has their own demons. Things they wish they didn't feel, things they try to hide for the sake of those around them or mere conformity. That's what inspired me to write this and I hope you enjoy it, should you choose to read it.

message 19: by Angela (last edited May 18, 2015 12:18PM) (new)

Angela Yousaf (AngelYousaf) | 2 comments Tin Angel by Angela Holland
Hi, I would love to submit my Young Adult Novel 'Tin Angel'.

I wrote this book after moving into a very old house in Ireland. Shortly after moving into the house, I was told by a local shop keeper that the house was haunted. I really didn't believe in ghosts, until I lived in that house. We lasted less than a year. My novel is based on a true story, mine. I wrote the book for my final dissertation after completing an M.A in writing.

The main character is called Pru Rainer, she is sixteen years old. Pru doesn't want to come and live in the countryside. Pru is a Goth, and stands out like a sore thumb in the small provincial town....even worse everyone has heard of Angel Briar House where she now lives...the house is supposed to be haunted by a malevolent spirit who was murdered in the house.

Pru begins to hear strange knocks, whispering and senses someone watching her. Her younger sister Hanya, begins to act strangely, she complains she can see a long tall woman dressed in black telling her to do dangerous things.

Pru finds an angel shaped locket inscribed with the name of their house, the locket promises to make all her wishes, good and bad, come by one strange things begin to happen....Pru meets a local lad Charlie and they start to have some fun with the locket....Pru wishes the local school bully would drop dead, seconds later he keels over with an asthma attack. Pru's wishes get out of hand. Pru begins to realise the Tin Angel locket is linked to the murder and disappearance of a young woman and her daughter...the spirit, which haunts her home. Did someone else use the Tin Angel Locket to make hideous things happen? Pru soon finds herself fighting for answers, and her life.

Everyone who has read the book have said they couldn't put it down, I would love to share this story with others. The book is a snuggle up on the sofa with a duvet over your knee kind of read....but maybe, keep the lights on....some of my readers found it frightening. Tin Amgel is not suitable for younger readers.
Thanks for listening. Kind regards
Angela Holland
Tin Angel

message 20: by Richard (new)

Richard Gardner | 1 comments I would like to nominate my novel 'Righteous Release'.
It is about a young man who was born and raised in a
strictly religious family. As members of the Eternal Fellowship (loosely based on the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church), they have chosen to reject the ways of the world and have separated themselves, as far as possible from the rest of humanity.
As his arranged marriage to another follower - a woman he has come to dislike - looms ever closer, David (the main protagonist) decides to break off the engagement. This comes
as a shock to his betrothed, his family and the wider Fellowship community.
When the beautiful Alison Johnson, a non-believer and former classmate re-enters his life, David makes a series of decisions that will change his life forever.
'Righteous Release' will captivate the mind of the reader as David begins a life that is beyond his comfort zone. Has he jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire? Will he attempt to return to what he knows or embrace his new found freedom?

Here is the Amazon link.

message 21: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (goodreadscomauthoramwillard) Looking for some people interested in reading and reviewing Unexpected Chances book 1 of the Chance Series.
It's a contemporary romance with light suspense and has been re-launched with Booktrope Publishing. New cover, new look, and clean interior.

This is a story about someone who's locked her heart away years ago, until Carter Northwood shows up and turns her world upside down.
I can provide mobi, epub and instafreebie files for this book.
Here is the Goodreads link and Amazon link.

Hope to hear from you all soon.
Also if you read book one, once we have re-launched book 2 Unexpected Changes I can provide a copy of that also..

message 22: by Mita (last edited May 11, 2015 08:24PM) (new)

Mita Jain (mitajain) | 3 comments Hello Emily and all,

Dead Man's Alibi by Mita Jain

I would like to introduce "Dead Man's Alibi" . It's a murder mystery by genre.

"Jay Gandhi, a very reputed criminal lawyer from India, who has been fighting off and fighting for so many things through out his life, wakes up one night to find himself mired in the most unbelievable conspiracy he has ever witnessed. Is it all true then? Did he really commit a murder, inside his own house, in front of his own mother? Jay denies, of course. But, like they say, a dead body doesn't lie!"

I hope that gives an idea of what the book holds.


message 23: by Flynn (last edited May 11, 2015 12:59PM) (new)

Flynn Falcone | 5 comments THE PEGASUS PROJECT by Flynn Falcone THE PEGASUS PROJECT
Thanks Emily for setting this up - what a cool idea! Some clearly exceptional literature in this thread(my reading list is ever-growing...), but I'll throw my 3rd thriller into the ring. Here's what one Amazon customer said:

"Fantastic, thrilling read. Falcone envisions a nightmarish near-future, one in which political and economic deception keep the wool pulled firmly over the eyes of the public to keep those in power, in power. After finding himself in unfamiliar territory, banker George Winston begins asking too many questions and is soon on the run from police units and deadly assassins. Distorted memories reveal George's past life and it becomes apparent that he may hold the key to a peaceful, prosperous utopia. If only he can survive long enough to outwit his adversaries and deliver his message. The Pegasus Project is not only a superb thriller, but a spiritual tale of hope in humanity's future." ~ Daniel W.

message 24: by Francis (new)

Francis Powell (francishpowell) | 23 comments Flight of Destiny by Francis H Powell
Can I add my's a book of 22 short stories...
a collection of short stories about misfortune. They are characterized by unexpected final twists, that come at the end of each tale. They are dark and surreal tales, set around the world, at different time periods. They show a world in which anything can happen. It is hard to determine reality and what is going on a disturbed mind. People's conceptions about morality are turned upside down. A good person can be transformed by an unexpected event into a bad person and then back again to their former state. The high and mighty often deliver flawed arguments, those considered wicked make good representations of themselves. Revenge is often a subject explored.

message 25: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Detwiler | 3 comments Voice of Innocence is my debut novel. It is a sweet romance, but my readers have described it as very different from your typical romance due to the multiple perspectives and plot.

Emma and Corbin: two typical teenagers traveling the road of first love together, innocent hearts linked by an impenetrable bond. When Corbin is convicted of a murder he didn’t commit and faces years in prison, though, their love is severed. Decades later, Corbin is finally proven innocent and both are haunted by a relationship neither has forgotten. Lives irrevocably altered and time passed, Emma and Corbin must face a difficult decision: should they settle for the separate lives that have become their reality, or can they take the risk that the passion of a first love doesn’t fade with time? Voice of Innocence by Lindsay Detwiler

message 26: by Gary (last edited May 11, 2015 03:03PM) (new)

Gary Markwick (garymarkwick) | 6 comments Adventures of the Great Marlo & The Blue Pearl by Gary Markwick
The Adventures Of The Great Marlo & The Blue Pearl

My book is about my Grandfather who ran away at an early age in Edinburgh to join the circus,he then meets a man called Marco who tells him about his adventures in India, the story then goes back 100 years where all sorts of adventures happen, in magic, mysticism and spiritualism, where he learns about "The Blue Pearl" and its magic, then it comes back to where his own adventures start in the USA, Canada and then Europe, and how eventually my Grandfather becomes a well known escapoligist and a magician, and later on he brought my mother into the act and they formed a mind reading act called "The Great Marlo & Georgina" and they went on to become quite famous in the 50's.

message 27: by A.R. (last edited May 11, 2015 07:44PM) (new)

A.R. (ardent45) | 1 comments I have two novellas on Goodreads. My last book is To Kill a Bunyip. Bunyips are part of Australian myths; when adults wanted to scare children away from creeks and rivers. An Australian aboriginal 'boogie man' and continued for thousands of years. After finishing writing Ocker Oscar I was looking at fishing boats and thought... "I wonder what would happen if a Bunyip started attacking the fishermen who are in their boats fishing?" and two years later published the book.
I write satire and To Kill a Bunyip is about killing myths that kill. Simple with a complexity with Greek Tragedy and Comedy style of satire. I am a great fan of Spike Milligan.

message 28: by A. (new)

A. Rose (katierose7) | 7 comments Hello! I would like to nominate my fantasy novel, "The Unforgiven". The Unforgiven It was a tough book to write, but well worth it. Its about two men who have done great wrong but seek to make amends. They both search for the prophetic child who is destined to unite both their countries. Who will find the child first? Will it save them? Or will the mystery kid be sacrificed on a witch's heinous altar? Read and find out!

message 29: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne Donnelly | 2 comments Soul Mates (A different kind of love story) is about what happens when a woman goes to heaven and asks for 3 things to bring into her next life; she wants to be petite, blond, and find her soul mate. Poof! She wakes up as one of the smallest dogs on the planet! Does God have a sense of humor? Or is he sending a message of unconditional love?

message 30: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Sturak (jonathansturak) | 7 comments Please select my travel novel, His First, Her Last. It would be perfect for the group as it would bring you to a place in the world hidden away like a beautiful cherry blossom tree hidden inside a dense forest.

His First, Her Last The Incredible True Story of an American Lost in the Philippines by Jonathan Sturak

His First, Her Last is based on the true story of my journey to the Philippines in March 2011. A collection of more than 7,000 islands lost in the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is a place unlike any other. A driver of a $100,000 Mercedes-Benz talking on a cell phone shared the road with a man whipping a horse. In a traffic jam, a woman walked between cars selling cooked eggs containing partially developed chicks. Just beyond a city with lights as bright as Las Vegas, the ghost of a woman wearing white has been seen for decades lurking in the night.

These slivers of culture inspired me to share this beautiful land and its people with you through the eyes of Jason and Hazel, an engaged couple about to put their relationship to the ultimate test. Their worst fears come true inside this island nation and it takes their will to survive to find their way together. I invite you to take a journey across the world where you will find love, life, and what it means to be alive.

The book is suitable for readers of all ages!

message 31: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Duncan | 14 comments Emily V wrote: "Tell us about your book and why it should be selected in your own words - blurbs are less convincing!


Hello I'm Matthew O. Duncan and my current book is The Warrior's Stone. It is hard to put it in a category or genera. It takes place 300 years in the future on a distant planet with an intergalactic war looming towards it. Yet, that is not the center of the story. It is about Roy and Katreena. Roy is a fighter pilot from Earth defending his world from an Alien race and Katreena is widowed daughter of the King of Bryrstone, an unknown world of humans lost for over millennia. They are two people from very different worlds who find each other in an impossible circumstance.
The Warrior’s Stone is a Space Adventure, Fantasy and a Love Story. It’s been getting great reviews, but not a lot of traction in sales. I don’t have the money to market like a big publishing house so I’m stuck with word of mouth. I’m happy to “Gift” e-book copies via Amazon to anyone in the group who willing to give it a read. I do have some paperback copies that I can mail for those who want one, but it will take 5 to 8 days and I’m limited to a hand full that I can give away. I’m saving what I can for an event that is coming up later this month.
Here are a few of the reviews posted by people who read the book.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic, couldn't put it down
Very rich tapestry woven masterfully into a world of fantasy and science fiction. This story draws from combined styles of some of my favorite authors, hints of the gunfighter series of Steven King, Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks and even Louis Lamoure. I feel that the story will appeal to a wide audience through the stories engaging character's love story, the fight of a culture to survive and an intergalactic battle
Thomas : Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars This was recommended to me through Goodreads and is so NOT my normal genre's but I was very pleasantly surprised. Very nicely laid out story, kept me engrossed and had enough of my romantic elements to make me LOVE this book. Author did a really good job with elements I didn't expect to like. Awesome!
Angelica : Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully Written !
BY Madkiwi; Amazon

Matthew O. Duncan takes you on a wonderful journey filled with adventure, danger and love. The world Matthew Creates is vivid and bright, the characters are deep, and draw you into their world and let you experience their lives as they live. A great mix of mystical, sci-fi, love and adventure. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted and wait eagerly for book 2

Thank you for your consideration.

The Warrior's Stone

message 32: by Clara (new)

Clara Walker | 11 comments Emily V wrote: "Tell us about your book and why it should be selected in your own words - blurbs are less convincing!



My Romantic Suspense novel Clara Grace WalkerGOSSIP has a 4.6 star average on Amazon, was a contest finalist in the BookBzz Prize Writer Competition and has placed in Amazon's Top 100 list on 2 separate occasions.

It's a great read for anyone who enjoys romance, suspense, multi-level characters and twisting plot lines. I hope you will consider it for your next group read.

Clara Grace Walker :)

message 33: by Sara (new)

Sara Sheridan | 3 comments I'd love to offer my novel Truth or Dare, available on ebook. I'd be thrilled if it was chosen, and would love to hang out and chat about it with readers.


Here's the blurb:

Nominated for a Saltire Award, and voted one of scotland’s best 100 books of all by Scottish Libraries award by young readers. Truth of Dare is a comic, compassionate and powerful tale of friendship, secrets and murder.

"I think that everyone has something that they will kill for..."

When bank employee Lorna McLeish is sent to Cardiff for three months, her friends Libby and Becka think nothing of squatting in her empty London flat. However, they soon uncover a dark secret: Lorna never arrived in Cardiff. Now the girls must make their own rules and break the rest as they lie, cheat and panic through London, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin in search of the truth. But before they can rescue Lorna, Libby must come to terms with her own repressed past...

Praise for Sara Sheridan and Truth or Dare:
‘a fast-moving, action tale of two girls intent on living life to the full. Libby and Becka stumble upon a set-up while squatting in a smart London flat. The owner, an up-and-coming banker, is missing. After eavesdropping on her answering machine, they realise they have taken on more than they bargained for . . . this is a story of friendship, bad money and lies.
‘written in a snappy, quick-witted style, this urban odyssey looks set to gain many admirers’ – Edinburgh Evening News
It made me laugh out loud, but it also reduced me to tears’ – Sunday Express

*fingers crossed*

message 34: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 43 comments Lights Out by Melissa Groeling

Hi there! I would like to nominate my book, Lights Out for the June Group Read. It's a dark, gritty story that spins and twists, taking you from comfortable living to cold, lonely places. The sanity of Paul Holten is tried again and again. It's all a matter of perspective if he comes out in one piece!

message 35: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Songe | 1 comments The Sundry Worlds of Fiona

I would like to nominate my novel The Sundry Worlds of Fiona for the June Group Read. The main character is a silk daisy named Fiona, who explores the world around her, stowing away under the bumpers of cars, cleverly avoiding capture, and befriending other silk and planted flowers.

Along the way, Fiona experiences the local color of her environs: Mardi Gras, the Neuvelle’s citrus farm, the bayou country of South Louisiana, and the gothic cathedral and cemetery of St. Francis de Sales in Houma, Louisiana.

The Sundry Worlds of Fiona could be classified as a coming-of-age novel, but its themes and story are for all ages: love and loss, freedom and captivity, and with Fiona making her way from innocence to insight.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Fiona stranded…
She turned in disbelief to where the driver had parked, and sure enough the space was empty. Luckily, she knew her way around by now, and could catch a ride down the main street on another vehicle. But this side of the road was bare of trees and provided little cover where she could conceal herself. A white car approached in the right lane, but it was zooming. Fiona gathered her petals and tied them all together using the long errant one. Then, like a thief, she made her way from hall to hall of the mausoleum. In an instant of stillness, she ran from the last hall through the dull pink, wrought iron gates of the cemetery. The silk daisy hid behind the corner post of the gate until the car was almost upon her.

Other cars were now coming around the curve in the distance. She ran and leapt but the car jerked into the left lane. Fiona hung onto the bumper by a leaf. The car slowed to a stop at a red light and pulled up beside other cars. She took the opportunity to try to conceal herself, but there was no space between the bumper and the car, and so she could not slide between. Fiona lay down and gripped the tail of the car on the left side as it swerved into the right lane and stopped at another red light. Different vehicles pulled up alongside and behind her car at every stop, a lucky happenstance, as they had fewer opportunities to notice the silk daisy clinging to the rear bumper of the speeding car. The car lurched and raced ahead again, and she was whipped in the wind like a stuck kite. The driver switched lanes several times, finally jerking into the left lane, this time sending Fiona flying over a ditch. Her heart pumping, she stayed still on the grass until traffic cleared and vibes weakened, and then ran to the bayouside where she thrashed her way through two-foot high weeds.

Still shaken by the violent expulsion and annoyed at the inconvenience, and predicting she would be stranded for hours, she grumbled, “Doesn’t anybody tend to you?”

The weeds shook themselves all around Fiona. “Well, if it weren’t for us, you couldn’t hide, could you?”
“I’d rather find another way!” Fiona mumbled mild curses as she pressed on to the center. “No discipline! No structure!” She plopped down in the middle of them to wait for dusk, her petals loosened from the tie and mussed from the rough ride.

The weeds began to whisper and giggle, and then rubbed the tips of their stalks until bits of green began raining down on Fiona.

“You’re on our turf now,” they taunted her.
“I’m here ’til dark!” Fiona shook her petals and leaves, throwing the green seeds
back at them. They sprayed her again and again. She flung more at them, but she was outnumbered and gave up. She stalked through the other side of them and headed toward the bayou, turning to look at them once before she left. “Now, you have no more seeds. And you look funny, too!” She waded through other wild plants as the weeds threw insults her way. But the words grew thinner and dissipated as she stole unseen behind buildings and houses toward the goode street.

Love and Loss…
She sensed upon arising His eye and energy upon her, the One whose rays were so bright. She turned and He smiled at her from the sidewalk below, the warmest smile—thee Golden Sunflower—who beamed into her heart, more brilliant, even, than from where he sat branches away, seasons ago. And the smile should have been enough to light up Fiona, but she missed a step on the narrow bar on which she stood, and in the next seconds as she teetered on the brink and had a chance to save herself, she recalled every turncoat at the planter of the Mr and Mrs, every new flower at the cemetery here whose disinterest she did not really mind but that still left her bereft of others, the recent departure of the bedflowers, and the severance of her family, and thought, as He eyed her—You will do it too. You will abandon me like all the others. And before she could confront the fiend that projected these thoughts, one of her leaves brushed a rail of the fence on the way down, on the side of the cemetery; she landed on the grass near a tomb.

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