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Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
This is the discussion for book 2 chap 10 - 11 of Midnight Tides ONLY please! No spoilers for any other part of the book please :D

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Here I go again, updating my thoughts :)

Chap 10 -

Okay immediately we are met with Ublala being upset over his mistreatment which I found to be a pretty sweet scene. He seems like a rather gentle fellow for all his size and brawn when fighting.
Then Shurq is shown in her new brothel feeding her addiction (a rather clinical idea in my mind... kind of creepy and juxtaposing Ublala as he doesn't want meaningless sex and she craves sex now).

Kettle and Tehol then meet and he is called 'father' by her. She says she's scared of the people in the ground who might escape but he says not to listen.
She asks about if he dreams of dragons. This was pretty exciting for me as I like mention of Dragons and it seems like the draconian peeps are going to be appearing more and more as the book goes on!

One element in this chapter I did like was the convo between Ceda and Brys about the tides, moons etc of the world. I think it's always cool to see what little surprises SE has thrown into his world-building and 'at least' 4 moons is a cool little idea.

Then the women working with Tehol come to complain only to find that Tehol is super clever and has already done a lot for the cause. (I secretly cheered him on - he's cool!)

Shurq and Ublala's convo about the bodies in the canal was somewhat chilling. Imagine someone killing so many people that Ublala could almost reach the surface when it used to be so much deeper... that's ominous! Then Tehol later asks Brys to find out about people going missing - maybe a link here?

Ublala & Shurq break into Eberict's estate and there's a dead man there (lots of zombie-like people in this book! :D) and he's Eberict's brother. They find out that Eberict is planning something big as he's been hoarding money.

Then we see Kettle again as she feeds the Azath grounds another body (imagining a body getting sucked into the ground or something is pretty gross and kind of squelchy in my head!) She says that the tower is dead...

Chap 11 -

Udinaas contemplates the return of Rhulad and the sword and what is means that it chose him over the Warlock King, did he make a mistake? (I think I would feel the same way if I was in his position - bringing back a dead semi-embalmed body with a super powerful sword and kind of mind-washed, crazy talk sounds like something you may regret!)

Then we have the scene where he (Rhulad) becomes, yep, The Emperor! He says that the sword has claimed him, he knows of Mosag's planned betrayal and everyone must serve him (which they do because he's half-mad and got a bad-ass sword).
He also shows off by healing Binadas and revealing that the wraiths are Andii souls killed before by Edur (very creepy - will they use them? Can they fight?)

The Lether show up to chat with the Edur about their treaty/war stuff and everything is in uproar so they hear from Saren about it all. (Seems like they've waled into some serious mess!)

Wither tells Udinaas to make himself indispensable to Rhulad. Udinaas is still somewhat pining for Feather Witch (who scorns him of late) and so he becomes a 'personal' slave to Rhulad.

The Lether and Edur argue over the earlier intrusion and harvesting, and everything is a bit uneasy. (Yep, I am thinking a war is pretty imminent)

So far so good and now diving into book 3 I am looking forward to charging along with this story once more. I have to say this book is probably the one I have enjoyed the most so far which is great and I am enjoying all the threads and storylines (even Brys who I didn't like so much before, is coming more into the story now).

message 3: by TS (new) - rated it 4 stars

TS Chan (tschan) | 159 comments I love Tehol and Bugg so much! They are like the silver lining amidst the bleakness of the Edur storyline so far. Hilarious banter and they're both such a match intellectually.

Rhulad, what can I say except that I've always suspected he is going to be trouble.

Michael (michaeldixon) | 60 comments I also love Tehol and Bugg!!

"That went well"
"Rissarh had a knife," Bug said "tucked up along her wrist."
"She did? Tucked up?"
"Yes, master."
Tehol walked to the ladder. "I trust you had your own knives close at hand."
"I don't have any knives."
Tehol paused, one hand on the nearest rung. "What? Well, where are all our weapons?"
"We don't have any weapons, master."
"None? Did we ever?"
"No. Some wooden spoons..."
"And are you adept with them?"
"Well, that's all right, then. You coming?"
"In a moment, master."
"Right, and be sure to clean up. This place is a dreadful mess."
"If I find the time."

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Michael wrote: "I also love Tehol and Bugg!!

"That went well"
"Rissarh had a knife," Bug said "tucked up along her wrist."
"She did? Tucked up?"
"Yes, master."
Tehol walked to the ladder. "I trust you had your ow..."

'If I find the time' - I loved that :) They're so awesome :)

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