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Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
This is the discussion for book 2 chap 6 - 9 of Midnight Tides ONLY please! No spoilers for any other part of the book please :D

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Okay so I'm probably going to do another super long message now but I am clearly enjoying this one :D

Chap 6 -
We see a lot of Brys as he talks to various people such as Nifadas and Qan. There always seems to be something foreboding going on with Brys' storyline (right now it's the threat of his brothers and what will happen to them and the awakening of the elder god of Mael).
Whilst I kind of respect Brys as a character for he's still believable and has interesting plot, I just don't find that I feel any real attachment to him yet as he seems to be largely stuck in his ways, and even when he does stuff I don't always predict, he's just not my favourite of the brothers so far.

On the other hand now though Tehol and Bugg are a GREAT duo whom I am beginning to fall utterly in love with. They work so well together, bouncing quick-witted and hilarious ides off of one another and generally being pretty wonderful to read about.
They faked Turble's death not really to help Turble himself, but rather to spite Eberict - pretty risky, but funny.

We then see the scenes of Shurq and their venture to make her more 'alive' in looks and feelings. They talk about kettle and her importance on the way, and I have to say that Kettle is a bit of an exciting enigma so far for me. I like hearing about her and seeing her because her existence and story mystify me, but equally I think she's a rather ominous and dark character, which as she's so young is rather creepy!

Then we have a scene again with Brys in the 'underwater chamber' looking for Mael. Mael isn't there, but a guardian is who Brys defeats and then shares his blood with. I think maybe the honourable/noble act of sharing his blood was what slightly put me off Brys because the whole time he was doing so I kind of felt like yelling "blood is power! Don't share it with a creepy demon guardian thingy, you don't know what will happen" and it just felt a bit dumb to me... I think this made him lose some credibility in my eyes.
However he does get a list of names of the gods and so hopefully this will allow him to go on to free the enslaved god.

Bugg then gets his own little bit of story which I liked a lot. We learn that his normal job is embalming (which seems a fairly central theme in this book) and he's called on to take care of an elderly grandma who's died due to Eberict's guards.
I liked seeing Bugg away from Tehol for once and he's a very competent and capable character both alone and in a duo it seems, which is wonderful :)

We see Shurq and Selush (who has made Shurq 'alive' again) talking about how to make her look alive once more.
The idea of the Ootooloo did certainly give me the shivers a bit, but I suppose she's kind of already dead anyway.

Finally we see Brys as he heals from the sharing of the blood and some of the Lether political problems are further revealed through him and his conversations.

Chapter 7 -

Back to Saren's group as they have come to meet with the Edur. They meet Mayen and Feather Witch and it seems that Saren knows more about the name of feather Witch than the Edur do and the history that name has ...

Udinaas and Feather Witch chat too about their dreams and the way they talk to one another, which FW denies.

We then see Udinaas as Wither shows him more of the shadow realm. There's K'Chain Che'Malle again and we see scenes of Menandore (sister dawn) and Sukul Ankhadu (dapple) dragging Sheltatha Lore (dusk) to Osserc.
I will say that I often don't understand of find interest in dream scenes once I realise they're dreams and with this one I could tell straight away, however the sassiness and argument that they had kept me interested and we learn that Osserc and Rake have recently argued. I'm sure there's a lot more going on here with is going to come into play, but the things which I liked best was the dragon element, because as you all should know by now, Dragons are awesome and I love reading about them!

Finally in this chapter we have the Tile Casting with FW and Saren goes to watch. Things of course take on a sombre tone and go a little wild when FW starts talking in Draconian and Jaghut... neither of which I believe she could speak if not casting the tiles, and I feel like there's something big brewing (much like Saren feels uneasy over it all).

Chapter 8 -

Then we're back with Trull and his band of brothers and warriors as they go to get the object for Mosag. They're looking out for the Jheck's who are the hunters out in the icelands and they hide away through the night.
Where they end up shows a few secrets about the ice because they discover that it's dying and there have been people passing through and meeting one another fairly recently.
They find an alter with offerings (this always brings cults to mind - not sure why but it's a uneasy idea to me). And also some frozen animals and bodies. [I don't know if this is the same scene that Udinaas saw through Wither before or not, but if not it has very similar tones).

Trull is uneasy about their mission and wonders who is giving this 'gift' to them - certainly something I think we're all wondering and speculating over.

Then we have Rhulad falling asleep (silly) and therefore losing trust and respect in the ways of the Edur.
Then they find the 'gift' and as they do are attacked so the have to fight off the Jheck and in all the commotion Rhulad touches the sword and dies. (I just knew someone was going to touch it!!)

Trull is overcome with sadness about his lack of faith and trust in Rhulad (a touching moment) and then runs for many hours to evade the Jheck and wolves.
Finally the group reunite and they head home with their burden and wonder about what Mosag plans to do with the sword.

This chapter was certainly cold and intense. I felt like I could imagine their burdened, sad party trudging back home so vividly and I think Trull is right to have doubts over this sword!

Chapter 9 -

Well this is where stuff starts to get interesting!

Rhulad is shown meeting with the Crippled God (our old friend) and we see Withal there too (wasn't he the one who was told he had to make a sword??). They talk with Rhulad and tell him they have chosen him as Mosag has betrayed the Crippled God. They say that the sword he has has great power but it must be paid for with Rhulad's deaths (notice the 's' on deaths).

Then we return to the 'real world' and see that Rhulad's body has been brought home, sparking debate among the Edur about what to do as has not released the sword.

Udinaas is set to prepare Rhulad for death with the embalming (kind of like mummification for the Egyptians) and whilst he does so we see scenes of Saren, Fear and Trull all talking to others and pondering what this death will mean.

Then Udinaas has a bit of a shock when our old friend Rhulad is suddenly awoken and has wax and coins everywhere! This sounds like THE WORST way to wake up ever - horrific!!
Udinaas handles it well and manages to coax Rhulad into calming so he can undo the Embalming he's already done, despite his exhaustion.

That last scene of chapter 9 was pretty horrific I have to say. I could imagine the feelings Rhulad would have had and it felt so horrible it give me the shivers, hot melted wax in every orafice and believeing you're blind too - not something I would want - but very powerful to read.

I think things are definitely 'hotting up' so to speak and now that the CG is allied with Rhulad (or at least using him) I wonder what will happen to Mosag (his old alliance) and the Edur generally as more threats point their way and more nasty threads get woven in.

I'm currently in the midst of chap 10 and enjoying it so far so I hope I can finish this book within a fairly short amount of time as I'm definitely enjoying it a lot!

message 3: by TS (new) - rated it 4 stars

TS Chan (tschan) | 159 comments Wow, you are practically flying through this book.

I had a really hectic week at work so reading Midnight Tides was getting difficult so I took a break with The Rithmatist. Just got back into this book last night and finished Chap.9.

Why am I not surprised that all twisted paths lead to the 'ol CG.

Phil On The Hill (philonthehillexon) I amway behind. Just finished Chapter 9!

peggylovesbooks | 36 comments Phil, it took me all of May to read this book, then near the end I couldn't put the book down.

Phil On The Hill (philonthehillexon) thanks Peggy. I shall keep at it.

Kitty G Books (kool_kat_kitty) | 671 comments Mod
Phil wrote: "thanks Peggy. I shall keep at it."

I hope you love it Phil :D I did!! :D

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