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The Haunted Cove
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. kids exploring oregon coastline, stuck on rock and involved with covens [s]

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Graywyn (graywynb) | 2 comments teen spending time on a coast (Maine or Oregon/Washington) and exploring the coastline. Finds a rock on the coastline, only reachable during certain tides. teen ends up stuck on the rock and witnesses coven gathering. Read 20 years ago, and I think it was an older book at that time. Young adult fiction. that is all I can remember at this point.

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Graywyn (graywynb) | 2 comments found it: Elizabeth Baldwin Hazelton, The Haunted Cove, 1971, copyright. Brother and sister, along with mother, vacation in a cottage on the coast of Oregon. Next door is a spooky house on a promontory, the owner is said to be a witch! You'll probably remember the "witch" standing on rock out in the cove playing the flute, with the seals coming in to listen to her. Also the two ways the kids get close to the house...once under a chain link fence, where the girl almost falls, the other time along the coast at low tide....that time they're trapped by high tide and have to stay till tide goes down again.

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