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Name: Hikaru Ko Ishimoto
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior
Class: 2C
Hometown: Osaka
Personality Traits: Sweet, Loving, Kind, Sarcastic, Thoughtful
Extra Curricular(s)/Sports:Track/Cross Country

B I O G R A PH Y .
Hikaru was a big brother in everything he did. He never understood why he was the way he was but the world worked int mysterious ways sometimes. Especially since Hikaru was an only child. Maybe that's why he's the way he is. He has all these protective qualities to him that isn't used on a sibling and instead used on the people he interacts with. He was a pretty average guy when it comes to his social popularity. He wasn't too smart or stupid; people liked him well enough to know of him and few knew him as a real person. He's like every other student...except different.

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