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Jess and the Fireplug Caper
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. MG Book - friends running a business, girl dresses up as a clown for a job [s]

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Laina SpareTime | 94 comments The other may have been a series, but I don't remember if it was or not. The girl in it and maybe her friend make a sort of club/business. I was reading a thing about the Babysitter's Club books and it reminded me of it, but it definitely wasn't one of those books. They decide to do different odd jobs and the main one I remember is a kid's party where the girl dresses up as a clown and while she's riding her bike, the sun is super hot and her facepaint like melts. The other thing I remember is that her room was in the garage but her parents converted it into... either a ballet barre or gymnastics equipment, but I think a barre.

Would have been read between the very late 90s and early 20s, but could be slightly older because I believe it was secondhand. Probably not earlier than 90s, though.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments A few guesses:
Not Just Party Girls Not Just Party Girls by Jeanne Betancourt (this seems to be for an older teens)

A brief part from Kirkus review:Anne, Kate, and Janet--all 16--are best friends and partners in a business that caters children's parties. But just as the venture begins to run smoothly, Anne's brief spell as a volunteer helping migrant workers changes her outlook on life.

Kid Power Kid Power by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Laina, do you remember anything about the cover?
Time period/location the story takes place?
Tone: serious, humorous, etc?

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Laina SpareTime | 94 comments I could be slightly under-estimating the age. I don't remember anything about the cover, lol, sorry. It's definitely not the first one, and while I've read the second, that's not the one I'm thinking of.

I think it was more modern for the time, but not sure on location. The tone wasn't super serious, I don't think. Like somewhere between these two, possibly, tonewise?

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Laina SpareTime | 94 comments Bump

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Ririchiyo Shirakiin | 7 comments Could be completely wrong, but reminds me a lot of 'Six Words and a Wish' by Karen McCombie.

Six Words and a Wish. by Karen McCombie

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Laina SpareTime | 94 comments Way too new, sorry!

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Laina SpareTime | 94 comments I dropped something and found a really old book list, and on there was the book!!

If anyone was wondering, it's Jess and the Fireplug Caper.

I'll move this solved :)

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