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message 1: by Lauren (last edited Jan 30, 2015 09:16AM) (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 1634 comments Mod
Feel free to add what you are reading to the group bookshelf.

Even though discussions of other genres are welcome in the threads, please keep the shelf limited to historical mysteries.

Also please make sure to move the book to the "read" once you're done. Let's keep the shelf organized.

Thanks :0)

message 2: by Barry (new)

Barry (barryleon) | 14 comments Monica wrote: "Hi everyone. I'm almost finished with Oliver Potzsch's "Hangman's Daughter" and have enjoyed it quite a bit. But I've been looking through two of the sequels, and they don't look promising to me at..."

I loved each of the books in the series.

message 3: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 1634 comments Mod
I've opened a thread for the Hangman's Daughter so it will be easier for members to post their thoughts on it. The thread is here: The Hangman's Daughter

message 4: by S.K. (new)

S.K. Rizzolo (skrizzolo) | 48 comments No, I am not familiar with Waugh's work, but I'd like to try one. Since it sounds as if you enjoyed Last Seen Wearing, perhaps that should be the one. As for mid 20th-century novels, I think of the work of Mary Stewart. How odd to think that her romantic suspense novels could now be thought of as historical fiction.

message 5: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 1634 comments Mod
@Monica and S.K., this looks like the beginning of a great discussion and I'm sure other members would love to participate, but might not look in this thread as it is dedicated to the Group bookshelf.

So can I ask you both to repost your comments in the Early 20th century discussion thread HERE

Thanks :0)

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