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Harlequin Books (harlequinbooks) | 2144 comments Mod
Hi, my name is Kim and I'm your moderator. Please feel free to ask me anything and let me know what you think of the group. Tell us all a bit about yourself and your reading tastes.

To start things off, here is a few things about me. I've been married for over 20 years. We have 1 daughter, 16 years old, who is just as addicted to reading as I am. I started reading romance back in the 1980's while babysitting. Harlequin Presents was the ONLY thing on one of the mother's bookshelves. The kids were sleeping, I was bored and then I wasn't. I read everything on her shelves. It took a little while since I could only read during nap times but once I exhausted her collection, I hit the local library up and discovered all sorts of romances! My deep down love of Historicals started then but I'm a voracious reader so I grabbed any Harlequin book I could. To this day, I read every genre I can. Historical, Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, YA, New Adult, Inspirational... . I follow favorite authors even when they switch genres on me. :) There are a couple of types that don't always click with me but I keep trying them because I do find hidden gems that make it to my keeper shelves. I'm a member of harlequin.com, board name ks and I've been working with Harlequin for over 6 years as a social media ambassador which just means I get to talk about the books I love and help others find the ones they can fall in love with. Squeee! I love talking books with other romance fans! ~ Kim

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol (lucky47) | 4 comments Hi Kim,
So happy to be part of this group. I'm a mom to 7 children anddnd they are all grown and have their ownn families now with the exception of my youngest daughter who is still home.Now that the drama of raising my 7 is over I can throw myself into my books and read about their drama.lol. I read everyday and will read almost every genre except Horror.Historical Romance and Scottish Highlanders are my favorites.Thanks for the invite Kim and look forward to finding new reads. :)
Carol L

Harlequin Books (harlequinbooks) | 2144 comments Mod
Wow Carol, I bow to your greatness. I do not know how you survived raising 7 kids. You definitely deserve to read every day and, hopefully, you'll get a lot of great recommendations from all members of the group. As you saw, Historicals are a favorite genre of mine and I look forward to discussing them with you. ~ Kim

message 4: by Janice (new)

Janice Maynard (janicemaynard) | 2 comments Hi, everyone! I read my first Harlequin Romance in 7th grade and never looked back.

message 5: by Denise (new)

Denise (deniseross20) Hi everyone
Everyday needs some love and laughter that is why I read Harlequin books!

message 6: by Babs (new)

Babs (babsbookbistro) | 5 comments Hi everyone, Kim thank you for the invite.
I have been helping authors since 2000. I have a book review blog Babs Book Bistro which got me started in PR and helping authors promote themselves. In 2012 I started working for Entangled Publishing and worked her way up to Publicity Director over the Scandalous Imprint. Now I work for Decadent Publishing and Musa Publishing as a promotions specialist and love it.

I am a mom to 4 boys from 4 to 17, along with some pets :).

message 7: by Donnajo (new)

Donnajo Hiya I'm Donna (also go by Donna Jo or Donnajo or even DJ) I'll answer to any of them. I love reading. Love my nooks and my ipad min and have alot of paper books too. also do needlepoint but haven't done that in awhile the reading has taken over.
Thank you Kim for the invite (all these years I've known you and I never knew your real name LOL)
I'm on a few street teams and enjoy reading and reviewing books. I also do that for 2 bookstores when I'm able to get to them and pick up a few arcs. I love romance, romantic suspense, mysteries, thrillers, YA, new adult. almost anything except horror, biog. or anything that has too much history.
I'm single, no children. no pets. Live in NJ. Love the shore/beach and go down alot. Don't know what else I can say.

message 8: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Rice | 11 comments Hi Kim

So cool that Harlequin have set up their own group. I've got 2 boys - which rather pales into insignificance next to Carol and Babs (respect, ladies)! I live in London, and am a bona fide romance junkie. I'm currently completely hooked on Tessa Dare, Kresley Cole, Victoria Dahl and Diana Gabaldon's superb Outlander series which I've had great fun reviewing on Goodreads. And I'm also a Harlequin author of 17 books.

message 9: by Jacquie (new)

Jacquie | 1 comments Hi Kim, thanks for the invite :)

I've been an avid Harlequin reader since my early teens (a loong time ago, lol) I've been married 31 years, have a beautiful, wickedly smart daughter, and a grandson who is the light of our world.
I owned and operated a cafe in our hometown for 14 years, then moved to Vancouver Island to take care of cute kid while our daughter attends university.
I decided now was the perfect time to attempt a dream of mine, writing a book. And I did it! Self-pubbed the first in Sept/14 and the second just released yesterday!!
It's thanks to the many wonderful years of Harlequin who gave me my love of romance, that I decided to try.
Fav authors are, Sarah Mayberry, Natalie Anderson, Jill Shalvis, Kristan Higgins.

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Hi, Kim! I'm Elizabeth and I read almost all genres, but have a particular fondness for Harquelin. I love the variety of the books.

message 11: by Debbie (last edited Feb 03, 2015 11:37AM) (new)

Debbie (dhaupt) | 61 comments Hi Kim, thanks for the invitation!! And Hi to all the members who've introduced themselves before me.
Those who know me know that I think Harlequin makes the world go round and I say so often. I run many Harlequin special events a year on my blog, plus interviewing and reviewing them and I'm a Harlequin VIB, (very important blogger) for them.
I am a reading addict, my blog is called The Reading Frenzy,(http://www.thereadingfrenzy.blogspot....)
And I just had an interview with HQN author Tamar Cohen about her novel War of Wives War of the Wives by Tamar Cohen yesterday

I moderate a group here on Goodreads called the General Fiction Expats Group, (https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/...) we came here when B&N.com disbanded their online book groups. I run an in person book club for my local library district which I'm also on the Board of Directors of. I review for both RT reviews and LibraryJournal and specialize in romance. I review both The Presents and the Special Edition series lines for RT and also review, Carla Neggers, Sarah Morgan, Susan Mallery, Emilie Richards, Susan Wiggs and other exclusive HQN authors for RT too. I started reading in the late 90s when I quit smoking and as they say the rest is history. I also work full time for a graphic design firm, I've been married for almost 40 years, I have one daughter who's a avid reader and an professional opera singer plus she's a college professor teaching music related subjects.
My dream is to one day get to the RT convention.

message 12: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth Hobbes (elisabethhobbes) | 23 comments Hi Kim and everyone. I only just found this group via an email from Harlequin and I'm fairly new to Goodreads.

I'm Elisabeth and I became a Harlequin Historical author for the first time in October 2014 after coming third in SYTYCW13 with the story that eventually became Falling for her Captor.

Historical are my favourite genre so I'm over the moon to be part of Harlequin. I love all periods pre-20th century but I decided to write Medievals as I grew up in York which is packed full of old buildings and stories to inspire me.

When I'm not writing (currently on my third manuscript for Hqn I'm a part time primary school teacher and mum to two children aged 9 and 7.

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Renee (theamandarenee) | 38 comments Hello! I am Harlequin American Romance author Amanda Renee. I was discovered through Harlequin's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE contest in 2012, and my debut book was released in 2013. I look forward to getting to know all of you :)

message 14: by Debbie (last edited Feb 03, 2015 12:26PM) (new)

Debbie (dhaupt) | 61 comments Congratulations Amanda!
And Elizabeth!!

message 15: by Harlequin Books (new)

Harlequin Books (harlequinbooks) | 2144 comments Mod
Welcome everyone and be sure to let your friends know about this group. More the merrier, as they say.

I'm seeing a lot of my favorite authors mentioned so that is good. :) I won't be the only one anxiously awaiting their next release. So nice to share the pain, after all. You'll learn I have very little patience when it comes to waiting for a next book in series. My mailman knows me well. He has learned the shipping schedule that goes with my book ordering habits.

Congratulations to Amanda and Elizabeth! Just goes to prove that SYTYCW works.

Oh and Debbie, all I can say is WOW! Before I started with Harlequin, I wrote book reviews for a website. I appluad the amount of reviews you accomplish each month. I know the effort it takes to write a truly effective review. ~ Kim

message 16: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (halfpint66) | 2 comments Hi everyone! I'm Debbie or Deb. Thank you Kim, for sending me the invite. I've been reading Harlequins off and on since the age of 16.

message 17: by Adite (new)

Adite | 20 comments Hey Kim and everyone! I'm Adite Banerjie from New Delhi, India. I've been reading Harlequin Mills & Boon for a long time. So when I won the 2012 Harlequin India Authors Auditions contest I was beyond excited. Two of my books are already out in India (paperback) and ebooks globally. My second book (Trouble Has A New Name) comes out in North America in March. I'm looking forward to interacting with all you awesome authors and readers. - Adite

message 18: by Leona (new)

Leona (wdwcbm) Hi everyone! I am glad to get the invite to this l group. I have been reading Harlequin's since I was 13 years old (a loooonnng time ago). I took a short break (30 years) LOL, but am back at it, thanks to Goodreads and e books.

I'd like to recommend that Harlequin start an ebook "vintage collection". They would be surprised how many takers they would get. I know some have been republished as Treasury, but there are still a lot more much older classics out there that would be a blast to get published.

message 19: by Vashti (new)

Vashti | 1 comments Hi Kim,thanks for the invite :)
I am a long time Harlequin reader,started my addiction when I was 12 and never looked back some 40 years later.

message 20: by Reet (new)

Reet Singh Dear Adite, thanks for letting me know about this group.
Hi Kim, and all the other lovely writers and readers!

I have had a several-decades-long love affair with Harlequin books and my dream to write for them came true in 2013. I have two books out in India, and the ebooks are up on Amazon.

My first - "Scorched by His Fire" - is going to be available as a 'Harlequin Special Release' in North America in March; am most excited about that!

I am a doctor - an eye surgeon - and have two grown-up and far-away-in-college sons and a much-adored husband.

I look forward to getting to know all of you.

message 21: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (planetshannon) | 24 comments Hi Kim & Everyone! This looks like it will be a really fun group!

I only started reading Harlequins a few years ago after I had a few really rocky reading years but Harlequins really got me back to enjoying books. I want to try books from all of the different lines, but it's hard to pry myself away from my faves of KISS, Nocturne and Historical (especially viking-centric!).

I look forward to chatting with fellow Harlequin fans!

message 22: by Bella (new)

Bella (beguilethysorrow) | 2 comments Hi all:)
My name is Bella and Love everything romance, but my favorites are the paranormal (shoutout to Nocturne!), YA, and Historicals. I'm not sure (I don't always keep track of publishers as much as authors) but I think my first Harlequin were the "Holiday with a Vampire" books haha:D
Love me some weres and vamps:)

message 23: by Helen (last edited Feb 04, 2015 07:33PM) (new)

Helen (helen57) | 2 comments Hi All

My name is Helen I am a mother to 4 and grandmother to 7 I have been reading romance forever and I love all of the genres as long as there is a HEA I am happy I love the journey to that HEA through ups and downs suspense and a wonderful romance :)

Have Fun

I forgot to say that I come from Sydney Australia

message 24: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Smart (michellesmartauthor) | 7 comments Hi all,

I'm Michelle and I'm a romance addict! I first discovered Harlequin (or Mills & Boon as we know the books in the UK) at the age of 12 when my great-aunt left a Penny Jordan book at my house after a weekend visit. I'm now a Presents/Modern author and can honestly say I have the best job in the world :-)

Looking forward to chatting with you all xxx

message 25: by Annie (new)

Annie Burrows | 258 comments Hi! I'm Annie Burrows and I've been writing historical romances for Harlequin since 2007. And when I'm not writing romances, I'm eagerly devouring them! I was thrilled to learn about this Harlequin Goodreads group. Looking forward to more discussions about the books we all love.

message 26: by Jean (new)

Jean Gordon (goodreadscomjeancgordon) | 19 comments Hi, I'm Jean C. Gordon. I write inspirational, family-centered romanced for Love Inspired Romance. I'm really looking forward to participating in Romance Week next week.

message 27: by Harlequin Books (new)

Harlequin Books (harlequinbooks) | 2144 comments Mod
Welcome to the newest members and welcome to the many authors who have checked in so far, even 2 from India. Yay! New authors for me to get to know. Well, for us all to get to know. LOL I'm looking forward to talking books with you all.

As Holly Jacobs would say, I have so much GLEE! I have few people to talk books with, my mom and daughter. My sister moved to Florida so when we talk it is usually not about books, other than to recommend a good one at the end of our conversations. Hmmm, maybe I should look into starting a local romance book club but most of my friends aren't readers. Don't know how that happened since I NEVER go some place without a book in hand (or kindle or nook).

Bella, I love the Nocturne Christmas books! There is something about them that just puts a smile on my face. Maybe because I never thought of a vampire being the perfect hero for a Christmas story before I saw Nocturne had one. I make sure I get a copy of each years new title to add to my collection.

message 28: by Jessica *The Lovely Books* (last edited Feb 04, 2015 07:26AM) (new)

Jessica *The Lovely Books* (jessybabe) | 1 comments Hi Kim! I'm Jessica and I'm a book blogger and a momma of three children. All under the age of five! I live in Texas. I look forward to talking books and meeting everyone. Feel free to add me :)

message 29: by Karin (new)

Karin | 2 comments Hi, my name is Karin. I love romantic suspense. I'm not good at introducing myself.

Happy Reading!

message 30: by Lil (last edited Feb 04, 2015 09:32AM) (new)

Lil (lilmar) | 4 comments How do y'all do? My name is Lili and I'm a life-long Harlequin reader. My mother collected them from the time I was little and I used to sneak them off of her shelves and take them to school with me. Harlequins are still my "guilty secret" reads, lol, even though I will proudly say I read them to any who ask. I have several shelves of them, full to the brim of my favorite authors. I am a mom of three (all grown now) and a Nana of two.
I'm a member of NetGalley and a Tell Harlequin panel member.
I read all sorts of books, not just Harlequins, I also like paranormal romance, historicals, straight sci-fi and fantasy too.

If it catches my interest, I'll read it.

message 31: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Styles | 11 comments Hi I'm Michelle Styles and I write for the Historical line and have done for about 10 years.
But before that I was an avid reader. Harlequin helped me get through high school, college and then when I moved to the UK after marriage, the books (in their Mills & Boon guise) helped me adjust to life in the UK.
Thank you Kim for inviting me.

Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews (hugbandit7) | 1 comments Hi! My name is Leslie and I am a lifelong reader. I love mysteries, romantic suspense, romance...anything relatively clean (not into erotica or anything close!). actually I will read most anything. I used to read Harlequin's like crazy but as my interests expanded I don't know that I have read a lot of these, but I always liked them because they were easy reading.

I live in Texas, am married, have a stepson and 2 furbabies. I am currently unemployed (which surprisingly has NOT helped my reading) and I do have a book review blog at www.storeybookreviews.com

I am a member of NetGalley so know I have gotten some Harlequin books from there.

There are just too many good books and not enough time to read and get anything else done.

message 33: by Kathy (new)

Kathy  | 1 comments Hi, my name is Kathy and I am addicted to reading! I read my first Harlequin Romance as a teenager in the *cough*1970s*cough* and wow! How much as changed over the years. I read pretty much everything except paranormal (ghosts and psychic are the exception but I consider them supernatural) or sci-fi. I have a review site (http://www.bookreviewsandmorebykathy....), and I review a lot of Harlequin books!

Oh, I'm married with two adult sons (one of whom reads as much as I do!)!

Thanks for the invite!

message 34: by Missy (new)

Missy Tippens (missytippens) | 7 comments Hi, Kim! I, too, started out reading/subscribing to Presents. And then Silhouette Romance. And also SuperRomance. Now, thirty years later, I'm writing for Love Inspired. :) It's been a dream come true!

It's nice to meet all of you!

message 35: by Missy (new)

Missy Tippens (missytippens) | 7 comments Just realized I forgot to say that I'm a pastor's wife and mom of 3. My youngest is a senior in high school, so I'll have an empty nest in the fall (I'm still trying to fathom that fact).

We live an hour northeast of Atlanta, GA, and I typically set my stories in fictional small towns in north Georgia.

message 36: by Tessa (last edited Feb 04, 2015 11:02AM) (new)

Tessa Radley (TessaRadley) | 10 comments Hi, I'm Tessa Radley. I'm a long time reader and book lover. Great to see so many familiar names here - readers, reviewers, bloggers, authors and friends! I'm reading all your posts and nodding along...
So looking forward to being part of this group. It was a great find! I only started using GoodReads this week so I'm scrambling around trying to fathom out how to do stuff!

message 37: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Schwartz (jenny_schwartz) Hi, Kim and everyone :)

I'm Jenny Schwartz, an Aussie and long-time reader of Harlequin books. Just yesterday I was re-reading an old copy of an Emma Goldrick novel and thinking how much enjoyment my stash of Harlequins has brought me. So this group is perfect!

I'm also an author (beware! the writing bug bites hard when you're a life-long reader). I have some novellas out with Carina Press and with the Australian Harlequin digital-only line, Escape Publishing, http://www.escapepublishing.com.au/

I love writing happy ever afters as much as I enjoy reading and re-reading them!

PS if anyone would like some hot weather, we've had too much lately, so I'll send it anywhere, just shout ;)

message 38: by Harlequin Books (new)

Harlequin Books (harlequinbooks) | 2144 comments Mod
I'll take some of that hot weather. Oh, and some Tim Tams, please LOL. I have an Aussie friend who sent me some in a gift pack once with a bunch of other goodies. My family loved the Tim Tams but the vegemite, not so much.

I live about 60 miles or so south of Buffalo, NY and we're currently under lake effect snow weather. I have over 2 feet of snow already and it isn't supposed to stop snowing until tomorrow morning. Brrrrrr.

message 39: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Schwartz (jenny_schwartz) Harlequin Books wrote: "I'll take some of that hot weather. Oh, and some Tim Tams, please LOL. I have an Aussie friend who sent me some in a gift pack once with a bunch of other goodies. My family loved the Tim Tams but t..."

Kim, I think Australians could take over the world, via TimTam diplomacy *ie bribery :)

Oh that sounds FREEZING. I think I'll go melt in the sun and be grateful :)

message 40: by Harlequin Books (new)

Harlequin Books (harlequinbooks) | 2144 comments Mod
Jenny wrote: "Kim, I think Australians could take over the world, via TimTam diplomacy *ie bribery :)"

I do believe you could!

message 41: by Angela (new)

Angela Smith | 1 comments Hi,

My name is Angela and I come from the UK. Been a book addict ever since I learned to read as a child. I was a bit like Matilda, raised in a book free home, but once I got my library card there was no stopping me.

I have been reading romance novels since I was 12 years old. I blame my older sister for leaving them lying about in her bedroom. :D I started out with Mills & Boon books (UK version of Harlequin books) I have a wide taste in books though and read most genres (maybe not so much sci-fi)

I have 3 daughters, all grown up. One of them still lives at home with me. One is in her final year at Uni and the other is working away from home. I sometimes get to review advance copy novels for Amazon (UK) as well as other things. Free books, can't complain!

message 42: by Aditi (last edited Feb 05, 2015 03:40AM) (new)

Aditi (aditi3991saha) | 3 comments Hi, I'm Aditi, and so far, I've read quite a lot of Harlequin books and I read them because of their fairytale ending, and the story always starts with a rough and difficult situation, thus always showing us there is light at the end of the tunnel, in short, it enlightens us with the idea that don't lose hope. And I still have few more books to read on my TBR shelf! I may not be a Harlequin fan, but a) I love their covers, b) I love their imperfect-to-perfect-ending!

And I'm also a book blogger.
Feel free to drop by: http://bookstopcorner.blogspot.in/

message 43: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Ireland (KelliIreland) | 12 comments Hi! My name is Kelli Ireland, and I'm a Harlequein Blaze, Nocturne and Nocturne Cravings author. The majority of my books are contemporary and HAWT (Blaze), but I have to admit my hardcore love for paranormal romance. :)

As well as being a writer, I'm an avaricious reader. No book is safe within my reach, though non-fiction has a better chance of *not* having its spine cracked. :D I love all things romance as well as urban fantasy. So long as I get my happily-ever-after at some point in the series, I'm happy (with UF), but romance gives me that kick of knowing it's going to be a rough ride with a hero and heroine who overcome the odds. Doesn't get much better than that!

I'll be around next week for the kickoff week and Goodreads's "All About the Romance" discussion. Feel free to ask me any questions, email me, stop by my website (www.kelliireland.com) or message me here. I love chatting with fellow readers!


message 44: by Aditi (new)

Aditi (aditi3991saha) | 3 comments Kelli wrote: "Hi! My name is Kelli Ireland, and I'm a Harlequein Blaze, Nocturne and Nocturne Cravings author. The majority of my books are contemporary and HAWT (Blaze), but I have to admit my hardcore love for..."

Hi, I'd love to read your books! They look great and from the synopsis, they sound quite enthralling! :-)

message 45: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Ireland (KelliIreland) | 12 comments Aditi wrote: "Kelli wrote: "Hi! My name is Kelli Ireland, and I'm a Harlequein Blaze, Nocturne and Nocturne Cravings author. The majority of my books are contemporary and HAWT (Blaze), but I have to admit my har..."

Hey, Aditi!
Thank you for such kind words! I really appreciate them! I love my stripper boys, and my cowboys are SMOKING hot. :) I married a cowboy and lived on a ranch in New Mexico, just like in the books. So many (MANY) of the experiences are ones I've had on my own, for better or worse. LOL

I have a contest going on right now for the third Pleasure Before Business series, PULLED UNDER. You can enter either here, at Goodreads, or on my website. I'd love to be able to share the stories with you.

All my best,

message 46: by Aditi (new)

Aditi (aditi3991saha) | 3 comments Kelli wrote: "Aditi wrote: "Kelli wrote: "Hi! My name is Kelli Ireland, and I'm a Harlequein Blaze, Nocturne and Nocturne Cravings author. The majority of my books are contemporary and HAWT (Blaze), but I have t..."

Wow, your life sounds like the movies, picture perfect!
Sure, I'll check them on your website.

message 47: by Janet (new)

Janet Dean | 2 comments Hi Kim and everyone! I'm Janet Dean, a Love Inspired Historical author. I love to read and write happily ever after endings.


message 48: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (dhaupt) | 61 comments Hey to all the new members this is quite the group ;)

message 49: by Mary (new)

Mary  (wimew) | 1 comments HI all Thanks for the invite

married mother of two

I love a good romance because I'm s sucker for the happy ending :)

message 50: by Rosemary (new)

Rosemary Gunn (rosemary_gunn) | 1 comments Hi Kim and everyone! Thank you for the invitation. My name is Rosemary Gunn and I've been reading romance nearly all of my life, beginning with the Sweet Dreams teen romances and the like. My first adult romance was Sandra Brown's "Heaven's Price" (Loveswept #1) at about 15 years old. There was no going back to the teen romances after that book practically spontaneously combusted in my young hands!

I write erotic romance.

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