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The Complete Sherlock Holmes
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. Week 10: Mystery or Thriller > The Complete Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Chanjot | 26 comments I got this book for Christmas and have been itching for an opportunity to read it. I expect to be hooked onto his stories.

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Tammy I will plan on reading this with you since it meets my goals: to read a book I already have and one that someone else is also reading. I look forward to discussing it with you.

Chanjot | 26 comments As do I.

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Lora (misplacedselchie) | 347 comments That is quite a big combined book for the week! I read them all last year, and some are waaaay better than others. Hound of Baskerville was one of my favorites and I think that seems to be the general consensus lol. I hope you enjoy them! :)

Ana A (anabana_a) | 414 comments I read this in just a few days and found that I forgot most of what happened. I wish I savored each story. Oh well. But even if I don't remember much of the contents of the book, I do remember that I was feeling very impressed with the author for coming up with such stories. Enjoy!

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Tammy I think I'm going to start with The Hound of the Baskervilles and then decide whether I will continue with the complete collection.

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