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Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)
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Alea (coffeebookslea) | 129 comments Mod
We're so excited to hear your thoughts!! <33

Rose (LittleBookOwl) (roselittlebookowl) | 4 comments Just ordered this book for the #bbbgirlies February read!!!

Karina (divinefolly) Chapter 1: Already shipping the #Cavery ... or is it #Averam? :/

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (ponytailsandpaperbacks) | 2 comments So we should read chapters 1-9 by when? :)

Alea (coffeebookslea) | 129 comments Mod
Elizabeth wrote: "So we should read chapters 1-9 by when? :)"

You can read them however you want, but I believe it is set up to were you read each section setup every week. :)

chris (alluringtales) | 50 comments Mod
I hope you all enjoy, I love this book!

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (readafterme) | 3 comments I didn't even realize this was this month's pick! I'm currently reading it now and loving it! Especially Cam ;) I love the references JLA makes between her other books and pop culture!

Alea (coffeebookslea) | 129 comments Mod
I am in love with Cam! He's funny, charming, sweet, cute, and everything you could want! I really want to learn ore about Avery's past, because something is obviously happened in her past that is now coming back. I'm also glad they are becoming friends before they become boyfriend/girlfriend.

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