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Where to start with the Judge?

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message 1: by D. (new)

D. Palmer (dthoursonpalmer) | 3 comments I want to pick up some essential Judge Dredd, and, much as I'd like to, don't have the time to just pick up at the beginning and go. Where should I start?

message 2: by Rob (new)

Rob Maher (robmaher42) | 2 comments Don't need to start at the beginning, but lot of classic story arcs in the early days, like Judge Child and Armageddon War. Complete Case Files vol 4/5 is a good place to start.

message 3: by Dan's (new)

Dan's | 5 comments In search of the Judge Child

I think it was reprinted in single PB format, with differen 'colour covers' esp for the U.S. market..! It's aamzing.. iI still treaure, the one I got , with the 'jigsaw disease' cover...
So damn weird...!

AND if I may add, anything that either involves Alan Grant and Pat Mills { I think they collaborated on the first issues, not sure though}
I will look on my 'stack' for more [prcise info] on ths subject, and speaking of which.. would U be inclined, to look for other stories-characters, in the 200AD early era ?

message 4: by D. (new)

D. Palmer (dthoursonpalmer) | 3 comments I don't know a lot about 2000AD other than JD, and I'm always curious. Thanks for the recommendations!

message 5: by Rob (new)

Rob Maher (robmaher42) | 2 comments The Ballad of Halo Jones (Alan Moore) is a good stand alone 2000ad story.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm partial to anything with Judge Death......

message 7: by Ray (new)

Ray (rayhecht) Starting at the beginning is worth it, but big thick classic ones are too much. Dredd has been around so long that there's a lot to catch up on. The Robot Wars, Cursed Earth is essential, Judge Death yeah, Apocalypse War, America is a good tragic shorter one, Judgment Day, more recently Day of Chaos, so many hope that helps...

message 8: by Rocko (new)

Rocko Estalon (flashtar94) | 1 comments If you're just starting, the best points to start are "The Cursed Earth", "America" or "Complete Case Files Vol.5".
Although you could start from Complete Case Files Vol.1 if you are patient.

message 9: by D. (new)

D. Palmer (dthoursonpalmer) | 3 comments Thanks everyone for the suggestions, there's a lot on my wish list. My mother me bought Case Files Vol. 5 for my 32nd birthday. Cool mom.

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