On Reading Graphic Novels

Let's talk about the wide array of graphic novels and which ones you enjoy reading. Maybe you like reading memoirs in the graphic format like Brooklyn Dreams. Maybe you are obsessed with anime. Maybe you're hooked on the classic and multidimensional superheroes from writers like Alan Moore. Let's hear what's new (and old)...and we won't ignore the multitude of books on writing and illustrating graphic novels either. Books on style like 99 Ways to Tell a Story by Matt Madden or series on drawing ...more
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Are You Excited About the Upcoming Watchmen Movie? Will You Watch the Watchmen?

It might be good...or it might not. Anyway, I've decided to reread the book before seeing the movie.
  63 votes, 55.3%

Excited?! I've already bought tickets. Or I think I did...on eBay?
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Face it. The movie is gonna suck. But I'll still watch it...maybe on DVD.
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No way I'm paying money to see that abomination. I'll avoid it like the plague lest it pollute the existing story as I know it.
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