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Books with characters like Maxon?
Lucy Lucy Jan 24, 2015 07:53PM
I really liked Maxon from the Selection and I was wondering if there were any other books with a main character like him?

Hmm. Well, Maxon always reminded me of Peeta from the Hunger Games, and I guess Prince Kai from The Lunar Chronicles is sort of like him as well.

Abi Not at all.
Apr 28, 2015 06:40PM · flag

Well....hmmm. Have you read a book called The Darkest Minds? It has a TOTALLY different feel from The Selection, but one character, Liam, is sorta like Maxon. I mean this by his personality. He is super funny and loyal and stuff like that. But, he is in no shape what so ever a prince or anything around those lines.
I hope this helped, I'm not so sure I was much a help. But, The Darkest Minds is a really good book that I would suggest anyway.

Tiara Yes! I love Liam so much!
Jun 19, 2017 11:08AM

Peeta from the Hunger Games reminds me of Maxon

Gat, from the We Were Liars book. He is sweet but a little blind when it comes to women's emotional needs. I love him and remind me of Maxon a little

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I've been thinking a lot about this. What is it about Maxon that you are looking for? A character with power that wants to do something good? A really sweet good guy? A prince?

The love triangle in the Grisha trilogy is quite similar to the Selection triangle. The Darkling can be Maxon, Mal can be Aspen, and Alina is America. It's a little different though; Alina doesn't end up with the Darkling (he's evil). But he's royalty (ish) and it just reminds me of the triangle there.

Prince Kai (Lunar Chronicles) reminds me of Maxon

They're pretty different by the love triangle in The Selection has always reminded me of the love triangle in Shatter Me (one my favourite trilogies). Maxon = Warner, Aspen = Adam and America = Juliette. If you haven't read the Shatter Me series you definitely should!

Dorian from Throne of Glass...

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