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message 1: by Albert (new)

Albert (albertic0) | 31 comments I suggest March: Book Two by John Robert Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. Or, maybe the first book (March: Book One) if the group prefers.

message 2: by David (last edited Jan 28, 2015 06:51AM) (new)

David Leslie | 16 comments I'd like to suggest PALESTINE by Joe Sacco for the March GN read.Curious to hear peoples views on Comic Journalism in general.

message 3: by Simone (new)

Simone (symonp) | 7 comments Moon Knight: Vol.1 - From The Dead, by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey.

message 5: by Corto (new)

Corto Maltese | 78 comments Beautiful Darkness Would be curious about opinions on that one.

message 6: by Eduardo (last edited Jan 27, 2015 11:00PM) (new)

Eduardo I vote for March Book one too.

message 7: by Tommy (new)

message 8: by Damon (new)

Damon (drasmodeus) | 13 comments I would like Ordinaryplease.

message 9: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (sholundil) | 34 comments I suggest 'Fever moon' by Karen Marie Moning. It's part of the 'Fever' series of books but is a self-contained story and should appeal to the Buffy/lost girl paranormal fans and there is a section in the back that fleshes out the characters for newbies. A book that I think will appeal to both men and woman of all ages.

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