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Wish list for future veronica mars books

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So off course,those of us that are fans of the tv series, wants many ,many books.
Hence I got the idea for this thread where we share wishes for future books.
- duncan apparence.
- show more of veronicas family, so her mom is not really in the picture, but what about keiths parents,cusins.+++
- stories from veronicas childhood aka 9-13 years.

Marta Dee Definitely agree on the point about Veronica's family. Would definitely love to see Veronica and Duncan run into each other again.
I'd really like know more about Wallace and Mac's lives. Like why Wallace didn't finishing engineering and became a basketball coach and how Mac went in college and whether either of them have partners etc. I feel like both characters were really brushed over in the movies.

C.C. I could definitely go for an Encyclopedia Brown-style adolescent Veronica short story.

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Syd Perry Great idea: Encyclopedia Brown (Nancy Drew) type series for kids. Veronica can grown up into YA adventures and be back stories for the adult Veronica of the books we have. I kind of morphed your idea C.C.

A. Borealis Did anyone else ever ship Mac and Dick? They need to hook up at some point. I could take or leave a Duncan appearance, but I am kinda curious what happened little Lily. More detective Leo please.

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