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Oops, I did it again... Outread Aubrey 2015! (I'm not that innocent!)

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To all the people who now have horrid Brittany Spears songs stuck in their head: Ain't it great to be a 90s kid?

To everyone else: Good afternoon! You're looking well. And nicely alive, that's good to know. I was a little worried the zombie apocalypse might have taken over the group on my absence. (Okay, gorging on The Walking Dead might be getting to my brain cells... Did you know they wrote TWD novels?! I just discovered this myself.)

I'm alive too. I didn't drop off the face of the earth, get bitten, or give up on this group. I just moved out of state, got married, and started a new job. Nothing too dangerous.

But, would you believe it, jumpstarting my life has made me want to write (which means I need to read fiction for exercise), having a husband has given me (us) a lot of subjects we need to study (which means I need to read nonfiction), and having a better schedule at the new job has actually left me time to read. Wow! Can anyone do the math?

Now one of the benefits of hosting a wedding is that you have an excuse to get all your best friends in the same state, which means I had an opportunity to talk to Grace and Katie in person about the fate of Outread Aubrey. The general consensus is that it's a fun group and a good idea, but nobody's going to deny that, unless something really freakish happens this year, I generally don't read enough to make a vigorous challenge for anyone.

So "read more books than me" isn't really that much fun... but who wants to give up a great band of readers who have a nice room to hang out in and cute custom graphics? Not me!

So the conclusion was that we should keep the group going another year, and we should keep our name (because of said cute graphics--and because I'm still the host, if you need a logical reason), but we should lay down a new challenge parameter. The best idea put forth was that everyone should have to outread last year's winner--but since that was probably Jenni who read like 500 manga volumes, that's not really fair.

So here's the deal. There will be a winner from last year, there will be prize(s), and I will catch up on all the posts that have been made in the absence. You'll just need to give me a little time while I regain organizational control of the internet (I'm slowly conquering my apartment...).

In the meantime, we are in it for another year, and there will be new challenges of varying sorts with varying prizes--but, like last year, they will be announced throughout the year in the form of different Sprints, drawings, and other contests. So start reading, track your books, and check back for opportunities to race and win prizes.

The All Important and Relatively Simple Rules:

1. To join, make a shelf on your profile entitled "Outread Aubrey 2015" and post the link here in this thread.

2. Throughout the year, as you finish reading books, add them to your "Outread Aubrey 2015" list.

3. While you're waiting for contests to be posted, I encourage everyone to set their own reading goals over in this thread: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/... (Yes, there may be an ulterior motive behind this thread... but you're going to have to post some goals if you want to find out what.)

4. Consider hosting a challenge or sponsoring a prize yourself! Just send me a private message with your idea and more than likely I'll give you a dorky-enthusiastic thumbs-up!

5. Come hang out in this group and talk about what you're reading!

6. Invite your friends and enemies to come play!

Any questions? Post away, or check out the rule threads for the previous years. Your question has probably been answered already.

A big thanks to everyone who participated in previous years, and everyone who's sticking around for the fun this year. See you on the threads!

P.S. To anyone who was so fortunate as to be spared Brittany Spears in their childhood, join us in our misery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0... (Now that I listen to this a decade later, I realize she sounds like she's singing with a congested nose...)

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J. Pennington (jgracetheauthor) | 74 comments Posting on this so I can remember it. I'll make a shelf shortly. :)

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That's my Gracie! Yay for being first. ^_^

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Kendra Ardnek | 38 comments Here's my shelf (Because I'm assuming I need to post it here):

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You are correct, Kendra, and thank you! Yay!

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Jonathan Lovelace (kingjon) | 89 comments Here's my shelf.

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Katie Daniels | 242 comments My shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...

I'm interested in running contests/challenges but I don't currently have any ideas. What I do have is a bit of an obsession for giving away books that I've read but that aren't top favorites or nice copies for keeping. I'm just not sure how to turn that into a challenge...

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Faith (faithblum) | 173 comments Here is my shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...

Could you give a little more detail on what hosting a challenge means?

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Katie Daniels | 242 comments It means coming up with a challenge, picking the winners, and being responsible for providing and shipping prizes. Basically everything Aubrey does all year, but for a limited time. Like being a guest host.

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Jesse | 7 comments Here is my shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...
Do audiobooks count?

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Faith (faithblum) | 173 comments Jesse wrote: "Here is my shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...
Do audiobooks count?"

I know in the past they have counted. And I certainly hope they do since I'm listening to my second audiobook this year. :)

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Faith (faithblum) | 173 comments Katie wrote: "It means coming up with a challenge, picking the winners, and being responsible for providing and shipping prizes. Basically everything Aubrey does all year, but for a limited time. Like being a guest host"

Ah. Okay. Thanks, Katie!

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Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 215 comments Yay! Aubrey's back!!
I already started my shelf, convinced surely this was going to happen, so all I had to do was go over and rename it. :) Here it is:

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Rebekah Jones | 120 comments Here's my shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...

It seems like I've already read a book this year... But I've forgotten it. :P

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Jenni Noordhoek (melodykondrael) | 145 comments I read a lot of other books that *weren't* manga volumes as well... but I did read a lot of manga. I'm sort of proud of it. Someday if I read enough I'll be ready to write or draw my own. Hah. Maybe after another 500 volumes... XD

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M F  (fianaigecht) | 247 comments Wahey! I'll try and figure out how to change the name of my '2015' shelf that I set up in the meantime...

Here it is! https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...

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Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 215 comments Miriam wrote: "Wahey! I'll try and figure out how to change the name of my '2015' shelf that I set up in the meantime...

Here it is! https://www.goodreads.com/review/list......"

Go to "My books", then at the top left, where your shelves are listed, there should be a button for "edit bookshelves". It comes up with a menu showing all your shelf settings, with "rename" after each shelf. Let me know if that doesn't work. :)

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Elisabeth Hey, why not? Here's my new shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...

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Alyssa (thewanderlyz) | 27 comments Oh, goodie! Somehow, a year on Goodreads does not seem complete without a new shelf that says "Outread Aubrey Challenge." :)

Here's my 2015 shelf: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...

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Rebekah Jones | 120 comments Alyssa wrote: "Oh, goodie! Somehow, a year on Goodreads does not seem complete without a new shelf that says "Outread Aubrey Challenge." :)"

My thoughts exactly. :)

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Joel Parisi (joelaparisi) | 21 comments I started a shelf the first of the year. 'Cause I know you that well. ;)

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Aww, I'm so touched by y'all's unfounded faith in me. XD ;) ^_^

Yes, audiobooks count! Dramatizations/radio shows do not, however.

Katie's correct on challenge hosting. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like, and it can run as long or as short as you like. "Read the most manga volumes in a week," "Read more sci-fi novels than me this month," "Read books off of your to-read list for entries in the drawing," etc.

Katie, I usually like to theme the prize to the challenge, so if you have a book you're ready to give away, you could do a challenge based on that genre or author.

Huzzah! Lots of awesome people are joining in. I'm so thrilled y'all didn't flee the universe. :)

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Jedi Knight Siri (tahiriveila) | 14 comments I'm in!


I also am doing the Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge. I picked 65 books (of course, this was before the semester started... I may edit that one.) ;)

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Fairlee Corkran | 1 comments I m late but I m in.

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Rice (ricec) | 4 comments https://www.goodreads.com/review/list...

Good to be back on Goodreads

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(Jen) The Artist Librarian (theartistlibrarian) | 72 comments My 2015 Shelf
Wow, life's definitely been keeping you busy, Aubrey! Thanks for keeping the group up one more year. =)

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Thanks to y'all for staying for another year! :)

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Hannah (bookwormhannah) | 215 comments When the company is this good it's a pity to go home...thanks for extending this little party for another year! ;)

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Chris | 2 comments Found this group last year! I'd like to join this year assuming it's not to late...


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It's never too late! (Unless it's like December 31st...) Yay, new people! *skips around throwing glitter*

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