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What age is appropriate for The Rage of Dragons
Jane Watson Jane Oct 13, 2020 12:37AM
My 13-year-old has expressed an interest in reading The Rage of Dragons. Having not read it myself I don’t know what kind of content is in it e.g. sexual content and violence. She’s fairly mature for her age and very well-read in fantasy; she’s read Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, and The Stormlight Archive series.

There is sexual content later in the book, there is also violence. I personally would not allow my 13 year old to read this book bit that being said all kids mature differently and I would not say the same about his brother when he was 13. So it really depends on your kid. There is violence throughout and a sexual scene toward the middle to end

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Jane Watson Ah, thank you. I'll have a deeper look into it. ...more
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Sexual content, no. Violence, yes. The main character witnesses the death of his parents, and nearly gets killed himself several times. The main character also others in fighting matches, self-defense, and for revenge. Most of the book is focused on the main character training how to fight because he would like to avenge his parents' death, although he learns moral behavior from his friends and slowly somewhat changes his perspective and desire. He is also not simply a cold-blooded killer but rather an adolescent plagued by numerous personal tragedies cause by the unjust society that he lives within while having no one guide and help make sense of it. There's romance, but nothing more than a kiss. No curse words.

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Jane Watson Thank you for letting me know. I'm definitely more lenient to her reading it now. ...more
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