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September - Finish/Catch Up > Reading Days 1, 2 , & 3.

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message 1: by ke-sha (new)

ke-sha (angel707) | 2022 comments Mod
Hows your reading going?

Did you start early?

message 2: by BlurryBug (new)

BlurryBug | 408 comments My reading is going slow.
Yesterday was spent baking and celebrating a friends birthday (social distance style) today is all about lazing on the sofa with my tbr though

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Today I´m finishing a standalone I was reading these previous days... and then I´m free to read A Conjuring of Light

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Day 3: 38% read!

message 5: by Susy (new)

Susy (susysstories) | 233 comments I haven’t read almost anything. My hope is on the weekend...

message 6: by BlurryBug (new)

BlurryBug | 408 comments Day 2 was spent trying to finish a stand alone I started this weekend
day 3 I finished my audiobook Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion that I started Monday during baking time.
I finished my stand alone book Follow Me, Like Me
Started The House of Hades 65 pages read

Pages read so far: 681

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