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Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Buddy (re)read of the entire series :)

It Takes Two to Tumble (Seducing the Sedgwicks, #1) by Cat Sebastian

A Gentleman Never Keeps Score (Seducing the Sedgwicks, #2) by Cat Sebastian

Two Rogues Make a Right (Seducing the Sedgwicks, #3) by Cat Sebastian

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Happy to start Wednesday 16th?

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Ok :)

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Sweet, i look forward to it 😊

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
It Takes Two to Tumble (Seducing the Sedgwicks, #1) by Cat Sebastian

Alrighty :) Starting tomorrow! What do we say, three chapters at a time?

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Btw, can I just say that I adore the dedication?

For everyone who had to find their way home without a map.

Sigh. I remember how that comes up in the book at some point and *snifs*

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Oh thats beautiful... 💕

Three chapters at a time sounds good to me xx

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Ok :) I hope you'll like it!

message 9: by Laura (last edited Sep 15, 2020 12:35PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Im looking forward to it, i haven't read much historical mm but do love them. These sound rather sweet too so hopefully good for me 💕

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
And even if you don't like this one, please please oh pleeeease give The Soldier's Scoundrel a chance :D

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Oh sure! I feel like its worth a try, but do these first 😊

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Fine :D

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Ok, already finished my 3 chapters. I can't believe how much I forgot! I forgot all about the Sedgwick history and why the villainous neighbor is so against them. Grml...
At least I remember sweet Ben. He's so adorable ^^

message 14: by Laura (last edited Sep 16, 2020 11:47PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Finished first 3 chapters 💕

I am loving the writing so far, grabbed me straight away and intrigued to learn more about the characters. Ben is my favorite so far, he is adorable and i love his interactions with the children - they seem a lot of fun and his understanding.

Philip is nice opposite, seems serious and broody which is always hot as hell at least for a while. Mysterious...

The scene in the trees and then the blue eyes comment from Ben just so much fun, i look forward to reading more.

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
YAY :)

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Oh, how could I forget that Ben was the vicar who played with ducklings 😂 the man is too adorable for words

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
He laced his fingers into Sedgwick's and was startled to find that it felt right, as if he had always wanted to hold hands with a madcap vicar at his dining table, and only realized it now.

Awww. Poor baby 😂

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Finished ch 6!

The ducklings scene was so adorable, I love Ben so much and tricking the kids into leaening during that dinner. The speaking french and maths was great.

Also glad to see more of Alice and glad for her talking with Ben, sweet friendship - i like that she is suspicious and not wants to settle. Thinking of love and such

If theres one thing i hate is cheating... I understand it in history as crime for men to be together, so best way to hide but i still don't like it as i hate lies and hurting someone for your own gain just no even if unintentional. I hope Ben talks with Alice even if doesn't mention reason.

Was interesting to learn more of bith of their history such as the lieutentent, caroline and Bens brothers.

The hand holding scene was beautiful, just the intimacy and little moments. As they admire each other xx

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Yes, he has a sneaky way with those kids 😂

If it helps, he talks to Alice at some point. And I think she already suspects and is ok with it? I'm not sure. But I think she only agreed to the engagement to get her parents off her back.

message 20: by Laura (last edited Sep 18, 2020 03:34AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Yeah i saw that, so im alright with at moment as Alice seems smart and suspicious when they last talked. She isn't reallly interested in the marriage as talked about idea of love, like the baker and the maid?

It was more Philips past wife i was intrigued about as i know she passed, but doesn't seem much mention of her from the children or any yet... Other then she caught ill and died. Although he talks of relationship ship with McCarthy a lot in previous.

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
I think Alice just wanted out and Ben seemed like a perfect, safe, and nice option. She does fall in love later, I'll say this much ^^

I agree, Philip's wife is a mystery. All we know so far is they were pretty young when they got married, she had kids, and died. I don't remember if he realized he was more interested (or only? Seems unlikely, though) in men after her death or before. I don't remember what sort of relationship they had. I do remember he had issues with his dad (what with him still being unable to stay in the schoolroom and all. Which I think I remember is because (view spoiler) (if you read carefully between the lines, you already know what the spoiler is about. Think a) his McCarthy read his letters to him, b) he didn't read Ben's note at the dinner table, c) the way he flinched in the schoolroom and mentioned bad memories ^^).

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Yeah i think they are great friends and both seem were happy to go with safe easy option. Im glad to hear it 😊

Oh sweet. Yeah i feel like possibly bisexual, leaning more to men with Philip so doesn't bother me there yet.

Interesting! I hadn't connected those but very good touch now you mention it, i look forward to reading more xx

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Finished ch 9! And wow this story and writing is just so beautiful, im loving the charscters and learning more about them all.

The scene in the tree, lake and the boathouse.. these two have so much chemistry and pure intimacy. I love how Philip seems to relax around Ben and gives pure comfort, Philips nudges Ben and just so playful. I really like these two 💕

I enjoyed learning about Bens father and meeting him, he seems an interesting character rather eccentric which i enjoy. Also Ben looking to helo the children, finding a tutor. And that Jamie is unable to read too, Philip checking in on them. I hope see more developing bonds with the children too.

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I haven't been able to read today, but I'm starting on those chapters now.

The vicar seemed to have his own personal ray of sunshine following him about, casting light in his path and drawing people to him.

Poor baby :D

message 25: by Laura (last edited Sep 18, 2020 12:38PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments No problem. I will probably speed up during the weekend as more free time and love to use reading, while weekdays only got evening really xx

The writing is stunning, so many amazing lines. Ben makes me smile so much, his so sweet. I loved their intimate scene and the feeling of being so right, of wanting and just incredible thoughts.

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Alrighty. Finished my chapters. I forgot how lovely the book is! It's so sweet. The boathouse moment was really sweet. I wonder why I gave it only 4 stars...

I'll have more time over the weekend, too. We'll see how fast we can read :D

message 27: by Laura (last edited Sep 18, 2020 12:51PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Yeah, its so sweet and the writing is great flows nicely with perfect amount of detail. Awesome! I guess shall see how far we get.

Already got the 2nd book borrowed on library overdrive so be able to jump into next 😂

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
I already finished chapter 12 and AWWWWWWWWW. I love these two...

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Ok, I finished chapter 16 today. OOPSIE!!! I'll wait for you to catch up now, promise. I just love them so much :)

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Aww no problem im about to start reading ch 10 so im catch up 😊

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
It's just so easy to read, and it's hard to stop wanting to spend time with Ben :D

message 32: by Laura (last edited Sep 19, 2020 12:26PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Just finished ch12 and yeah i adore these two so much, can't stop smiling so many soft feels and oure comfort.

Ben is so sweet and singing lewd songs, Philip laughing and smiling. The hands and affection, kisses and the desk just wow... So much intimacy and affection, i love them!

The discussion between them as well, just got all the feels!

I can see how got to ch 16, such fast paced and easy reading. Im catch up now xx

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
ah yes, The song. That was so cute. When Philip found out and laughed so hard because of the "he's always so happy when the vicar leaves" comment :D

message 34: by Laura (last edited Sep 19, 2020 01:28PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Yeah i loved that moment!

Just finished ch 16. Theres a lot of funny comments i adore and sass in last few chapters. I loved this from Alice, "Just throw me out chair, while you have your very manly conversation" and Philip, "inconveniantally far away" comment 😂

Well im intrigued about Hartley now and Martin Easterbrook, some revelations in last few chapters. I also loved learning about Philips past wife Caroline, their arrangement and friendship so that was good to know. I liked how compared to Bens situation with Alice, his regrets and such.

Ben and Philip are so sweet together, all the hand holding and affection between them is beautiful. I adore them and love seeing their development, although of course not all smooth sailing...

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
yes, Alice is the best! I love her.

I finished chapter 21, and oh the feeeeeeeelz. 😥😥😥 you'll see...

I think Hartley's story is up next? But yes, the Easterbrook/Sedgwick drama is well set up. I love how she sets it up and then when you know all the facts it's like, yeah, that makes sense.

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
You know what I love best about her books? She can create enough tension out of the "we really can't be together" stuff. Her books are so free of obvious drama (and think what someone else would've done. Alice would've been a shrew, the first wife unbearable, and so on...), and yet still full of tension. I love that about her writing

message 37: by Laura (last edited Sep 20, 2020 02:47AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments I agree completely, theres enough tension and interesting plot along with developments.without it being heavy angst and making people unlikable, i was thinkinb the same about Alice and his first wife your so right they usually would have been awful people. So im glad thats not the case here as would have been so easy to do that...

I do adore the writing its got such beautiful moments and use of language, along with a good flow and pacing is perfect. I planning to finish it today so we can start the next tomorrow, sound good 😊

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Right? Its sad how rare genuinely nice people are in books these days. Like you can't have tension without a blackmailing, murderous, mustache-twirling villain somewhere...

Ok, I can easily finish this one today. Summer decided to return, so Im sitting outside, soaking up the sun, and just reading. It's so nice

message 39: by Laura (last edited Sep 20, 2020 02:55AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Exactly! So its always refreshing when authors don't take the easy route and make something interesting, without the cliche.

Sweet, enjoy the weather and lovely day reading. Im just finishing another book for challenge and then will continue on this one xx

message 40: by Laura (last edited Sep 20, 2020 03:13PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments I am officially obsessed with this author, the eritong is just so powerful and beautiful. Just stunned, gives me all the feels and so much truth - grabs the heart strings.

The focus upon grief, love and loss in these few chapters is incredible. I really liked to see how much Ben and Philip have developed from the start, with their feelinhs for each other and as individuals as recognise parts of their lifes.

Ben and Philip the affection, talking about left behind and the heartache... Hits all the feels and i loved it. The raw emotion and honesty between them is everyrhing.

Im going to finish the last 4 chapters now because wow... I have to see the happy ending 💕

message 41: by Laura (last edited Sep 20, 2020 03:58PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Ok i finished and am officially obsessed with this authors writing! And you mentioned soldiers scoundrel is even better, so i think i will probably be heading straight with you there after this series. If this book anything to go by 😂

So glad doing buddy read of the series, so jump into next one tomorrow. As ussually i wait between series books, be nice to jump straight into Hartleys 💕

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
yay!!!!! I'm so glad you loved it!

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
On to Hartley's book then 😄

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Ok, so. Please don't hate me, but I got a teensy tiny little bit carried away and read all the way to chapter 8. SORRY!!!! I don't remember why I gave this only 3 stars...

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Awesome! Lol no problem, easily done with the flow of the writing and grabs you. I shall start when get home 😊

Im glad enjoying it xx

Andrea | 828 comments Mod
Ok, so I haven't read any more, and I actually get to work a bit tomorrow, so I'll just wait until you're all caught up :D

message 48: by Laura (last edited Sep 21, 2020 01:10PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Feel free to read as much as like, im often be slower during week days.

Im just about to start the first 3 chapters now, i shall try to catch up today but also reading challenge book so will see. If not then definitely tomorrow 😊

message 49: by Laura (last edited Sep 22, 2020 07:33AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Laura  H (shardsofromance) | 438 comments Finished the first 3 chapters and wow this starts of fast, im already hooked. I can see how sped through 8 chapters, so addictive. Already loving Hartley i feel for him so much... Sam is interesting and great to learn about them both.

Their first meeting is hilarious, heartbreaking and soft all at once. The misunderstanding and realisations with the painting, Hartleys reaction and Sam noticing just... Already got hurt/comfort vibes 💕

Look forward to reading more xx

Andrea | 828 comments Mod

I love that Sam actually sees him. There are not a lot of people who would realize whats going on with him and give him the space and understanding he needs.

Hart reminds me of my dog. She's a street dog from Romania who was rescued (from one of the stations where they collect and sadly kill strays if they're not claimed) by a German organization and has made some seriously shitty experiences with people judging by how she acts. She hated being touched in the beginning, and it took over half a year for her to realize that nothing bad would happen. Now, she's a serious cuddle monster, though. On her terms, but every now and then she'll come over and demand cuddles 💖

Which is why I also love Hart and the dog. They make sense. I love moments like that in book

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