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The Beast of Crowsfoot Cottage (Shock Shop)
This topic is about The Beast of Crowsfoot Cottage
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA novel, or for slightly younger readers. Plot is quite dark. It is a first person narration of young girl telling story of an English village which is tormented by a lion like monster. I think title contained the word, 'Cottage'. [s]

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Eloise | 4 comments (Spoilers ahead)
I read this around 2008, though it may have been published a little before then. It is a YA novel, or for those a little younger.

Physicality of the book: The cover of this particular edition was dark grey or purple and I think it had an illustration of a creepy looking cottage on the front. It was probably about half an inch wide.

What I remember about the plot: It is quite a dark book for a children's novel. First person narration of a young girl telling the story of a village set in the UK which is being continually terrorised by a lion-like monster. At the end, (spoiler) reader discovers that the girl in the story knows what she knows about the events because she is helping to hide and protect the lion monster. One line that I remember went something like this: "My mother told me always to tell the truth, so I am not lying. And the reason I am not lying and know all of this is because I was there. I care for the monster."

Things I vaguely remember: (spoliers) I think that the monster may have been her mother. I am not sure if I am getting confused about this though, so it may not be correct.

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Eloise | 4 comments Yes! I have spent years trying to find this book; I should have come on here a long time ago...
Thank you so much!

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Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
You're welcome! Glad to help!

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