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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA - 2000s - Set in middle to high school. Girl with ice powers is a bully to her friends and almost died freezing herself by the weather when she was trapped in a truck/car, but gets saved by the main girl character at the end.

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Stac | 2 comments Age group: YA teens/children
Genre: SF / Fantasy
Date: read it early to mid 2000s
Origin: unknown
Plot details (from what I can remember):

The story revolves around 3 or 4 teens, set around their school lives. The main character is a girl, who's friends with another girl, and 1 or 2 guys, (sorry I don't remember their names). They were friends when they were young, when one moves in. Main character eventually find out the other girl is unique; she has ice powers, as in she can freeze things, but she's a bully/narcissistic. She often gets what she wants using threats, etc because of her ability.

Typical teen/school drama: main girl likes one of her guy friends, but so does the other girl. I think she threatens her and actually freezes the main girl at one point. Her and her other friends eventually get tired of said bully. The guy was forced to go out with bully and be her boyfriend, but he locks her in his old car/truck that has a broken door in freezing weather. The only way to get out is to have someone open it from the outside or something like that.

Main girl asks her guy friend, after he came back from his date, where is the bully. He says something like I took care of her. Main girl realizes he left the bully to freeze to death in his vehicle. She knows that's wrong and goes out into the cold harsh weather to save her. And she does. That's the ending of the story I believe.

I think the author also wrote other books similar to someone having an elemental ability if that helps. It's all I can remember. Thanks!

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Stac | 2 comments SOLVED

Found it. It's older than I thought.


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Rainbowheart | 16208 comments Glad you found it!

Freeze Tag for the trackable link.

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