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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Childrens fiction with a cat as the narrator, describes behaviour of its male owner

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Sadie (moomintroll) | 1 comments Hi all, I've been trying to remember this book for years but always come up empty.

I owned this book in hardback form in the 90s when I was about 8-10, but it was likely thrifted. I don't think it was old as it didn't feel dated when I read it, so I'd guess it couldn't be older than 1970s at the most.

I think it was likely British as I am and I remember it's descriptions feeling familiar, but I could be wrong.

It was a fairly large-ish book, probably 12-ish inches tall, but it wasn't a picture book. I don't remember if it had illustrations or not. It was told across numerous chapters. I can vaguely remember the cover, it had the title of the book in capital serif letters filling the whole cover in red and blue on a white background.

The whole book was from the point of view of a cat. It would describe 'odd' things its owner did who was an adult man, I don't remember it mentioning any other humans. I can remember a scene where the cat describes the man getting into a car like the car has eaten him, and the cat was confused. It would meet up with other cats around the neighbourhood.

It was not a poem nor told in any kind of rhyme, and I remember the writing style being pretty matter of fact.

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