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Vanessa (thehispanicbookworm) | 311 comments August 2020 BOTM pick

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Madeline | 79 comments At first I was having trouble understanding the author's writing method, but as I got used to it, I got REALLY sucked in.
I do wish the author spent more time describing this future world and the tech because I find those to be the coolest parts of any sci-fi book. I also felt that the ending ended up being a little anticlimactic but it still came to a satisfying conclusion.
I rated this five stars because I love the multiverse theory and do think that the author mapped out the theory pretty well, but sitting here writing this I'm feeling like there is just something missing. Does anyone else feel like the book is missing something?

message 3: by Elsa (last edited Dec 09, 2020 08:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Elsa Carrion (ecarrion) | 410 comments Madeline....
Yes I felt the same way. I thought it was missing something.
Also i love the cover but the MC is described differently than the pic on the cover. I wonder why they couldn't match what was described in the book to match the cover. My small pet peeve. It's like did the cover artist not read the story? I think it's an easy adjustment to make.

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