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Silent Reading > Look up your book on Amazon and on Goodreads. What is the user rating for both? Do you agree? Explain your opinion.

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message 1: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Crosbie (cb_bpc) | 19 comments Mod
Amazon: 4.3 stars
Goodreads: 3.98 stars
I think this is a low rating from both sources. It's a classic novel that satirises the futility of war and the politics of the military. I would give it at least 4.5 stars.

message 2: by Jackson (new)

Jackson | 18 comments Amazon: 5 stars
Goodreads: 4.31 stars
I think this is a pretty fair judgement of the book because it has an almost perfect storyline, except there were a few parts in it when it got quite repetitive and boring.

message 3: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Nguyen | 15 comments Amazon: N/A
Goodread: 4.21
I think this is an average rating because most people don't read mangas and this book is about fighting so I don't think it would fit into anyone's favourite categories. I would give it 4.8 stars.

message 4: by Leiam (new)

Leiam Giouzepos | 20 comments goodreads: 3.68
I think it is a fair rating because I feel mediocre about the book.

message 5: by Lila (new)

Lila rust (mik0010) | 11 comments rating on Amazon: 4.5 stars
rating on goodreads: 4.14
i'm reading the vampire dairies it is a really engaging book and it got a pretty good rating on both sources so i would agree with this rating

message 6: by Ayden (new)

Ayden Diaz | 14 comments Amazon: 4.1 - 4.6
Goodreads: 3.98
I think that I would rate the book white fang 4.5. I don't think that I could give it 5 stars because it is was written in 1906 and is pretty hard to read because of all the old language that is used through out the story. But I still think that the rating are pretty good and I agree with them.

message 7: by Victor (new)

Victor | 8 comments Amazon: 5
Goodreads: 4.08
I think the reason it got such high ratings is that the book is a manga and the anime of that manga is very popular so people probably watched the anime and is now reading the books

message 8: by Bank (new)

Bank | 4 comments Amazon: 4.8
Goodreads: 4.15
I think the reason it got such high ratings is that the book is based of a really popular game, I also think that it deserved the high rating because it was entertaining.

message 9: by TIozzi (new)

TIozzi | 19 comments Amazon: 4.7
I think the reason why my book got such high ratings is that my book has been adapted as a Movie and A Netflix TV show series and via those reasons the rating for the book are higher as people either read the book before watching the show or vis visa.

message 10: by Danny (new)

Danny Vuong | 6 comments Amazon: 4.5
Goodreads: 4.5
I think why it got 4.5 was there were some small errors but I think it would do better when the anime comes out because It will get more attention and I think it would be good adaption. I would rate this 4.7

message 11: by Nathan (new)

Nathan | 12 comments Amazon: 4.9
Goodreads: 4.25
I think the reason why my book got such high ratings is that because my book is a bit later in the series and the author has had time to become a better writer so agree with the ratings as well.

message 12: by Ella (new)

Ella | 20 comments Book: One of Us is Lying
Amazon: 4.6
Goodreads: 4.05
I think they are pretty accurate ratings from both sources. It's an intense story about a murder and the four highschool suspects. I would give it 4.4.

message 13: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie | 11 comments Amazon: 4.3 stars
Goodreads: 3.98 stars
I think this is fair because not everyone loves book and reading and this show that in the ratings

message 14: by Asher (last edited Aug 04, 2020 04:46PM) (new)

Asher | 5 comments Amazon: 4 stars
Goodreads: 3.84
I agree with these ratings because I would give this book around a 4 because it's interesting but I like the characters in the previous books better.

message 15: by Marlee (new)

Marlee Wright | 16 comments Amazon: 4 stars
Goodreads: 3.92 stars
I agree with this rating because I would give the book a 4-star rating because it is interesting but can become a little repetitive.

message 16: by Weeraphap (new)

Weeraphap Senamart | 4 comments bleach
Amazon:5 stars
Google read:4.22 stars

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