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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
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A Court Roses: Sarah J. Maas > Read: Chapter 13

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Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
Read to the end of Chapter 13 by 05/08/20.

Leave your insights and comments below.

Sarah (calypte) | 84 comments Dang, I forgot to comment.

I like the whole she can't read therefore is the anti-Belle, but I am increasingly irritated by the lighthearted treatment by the Fae. I mean, first they're all "You killed our friend grr grr" and now... well, now the level of friendly helpfulness only really makes sense towards someone who, I dunno, maybe stole a rose from the garden. I wonder if the author started with that, then rewrote the beginning - but not the later attitudes. It's too sudden, too carefree, and rings very very hollow.

Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
Anti-Belle is a pretty awesome direction to go, but I feel her character has the wrong inner monologue vocabulary for someone who can’t read well. She uses higher level words like tome, and effervescent. I can’t see that her internal thoughts would be such a high level if she had near zero education, and then spent most of her time alone in a forest. Where did she gather knowledge of these words? Why is she not just thinking ‘book’, and ‘bubbly’?

Sarah (calypte) | 84 comments Ooh, excellent point! I might steal that ;)

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