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Nihal of the Land of the Wind
This topic is about Nihal of the Land of the Wind
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA, Fantasy trilogy, Magic, swords. Main character is young woman, learns she has abilities, her friend a young man. Journeying the kingdom as she becomes powerful at fighting & he at magic. Villain king. Book has map. Read 2008~2012. Spoilers. [s]

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message 1: by Danilo (last edited Jul 24, 2020 01:00AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Danilo | 2 comments Book cover was an graphic design i think, dark, maybe a silhouette. And they were three books, maybe two, not very lengthy but like one inch thick I believe.
The "vibe" is kindda like Eragon and that kind of thing.
I think the girl and the boy had unconventional names. I keep thinking she is something like niha? and he is something like ronan. I could be totally wrong.
Starts with her in a region to the west of this kingdom and she is nothing special. I believe she likes "parkouring" her city. For some reason she starts to become noticed because she has some kind of power and very skillful at fighting. Makes friend with the boy and throughout the journey he learns magic and becomes powerful. Although I believe she has magical influence somehow, he is the one focused on magic and she is more the fighter (like the witcher is a fighter who has a little bit of magic but that's not her main thing). Their goal is something like taking down a king who is evil and to do that they are always on the run and hiding and being chased. The book has a map of the region, which is divided in about 4 "estates" plus the middle one where the king is. To get there they go around crossing to some of the other regions until eventually making their way to the center.
One passage I remember most clearly is they are in the sea on a boat to the north looking for an ancient magical civilization... The sea is kindda forbidden and dangerous. They head into a storm that's clearly some kind of barrier to stop people from going there. With magic and with some algae that lets them breath underwater they eventually get to the other side and befriend these beings that live in huge magic "air bubbles" underwater and they help them with something magical they need or something like that. They don't stay there very long and eventually come back to their country and continue making their way around and getting to the middle where the king is.
I have the feeling there might be some kind of dragon theme somewhere but they are not present much in the books. Maybe the king has a dragon or its past history........
It wasn't a famous book so i've been googling for years on and off trying to find this book because i remember I loved it so much and I wanted my young sister to read it. Please help!!

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SBC (essbeecee) | 894 comments Possibly Dragonlinks by Paul Collins? Or Nihal of the Land of the Wind?

message 3: by Danilo (last edited Jul 24, 2020 01:08AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Danilo | 2 comments Oh. My. God. GOOSEBUMPS! You people are WIZARDS! I've been trying to find this one for YEARS! It's the Chronicles of the Overworld (of which the first book is Nihal of the Land of The Wind)
I knew I wasn't crazy thinking Niha lol and the wizard friend's name is Senar.
Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!
And yes there are dragons she sets out to become a dragon rider actually in an army fighting the tyrant king. Remembering so much of it now! Great, thanks!

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SBC (essbeecee) | 894 comments Great, I'm glad I could help!

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