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message 1: by Meags (last edited Jul 23, 2020 07:36PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Meags UNHALLOWED buddy read with Anne, Meags and R...

Commencing Friday Night (July 24th, 2020)

Friends welcome. 😁

Anne Boleyn's Ghost Hi ladies! So looking forward to this read, especially because I - quite miraculously - had 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night. Yes, I'm super excited to sleep. This is my life now, lol.

Talk soon! Xoxo

Meep Hi *waves*
So I confess I quit the Widdershin series after book 3 (they're good but I'm not up on Lovercraft...) but this is set in the library, so..

At 19% it's interesting, love the opening lines of the book, catchy.

I do think I'd get more connection to the characters if I'd read all the main series so look forward to seeing what you think?
The arcane appears open knowledge, is that the case later in the series or a secret of the librarians?

I'm curious, will read more tomorrow.

Meags Hey ladies. I’m just starting my day and I’ll crack the book open shortly!

5 hours uninterrupted sleep sounds amazing, Anne!! Hope the little guy is feeling better today! Xx

The librarians and the arcane stuff feature VERY heavily in the Whyborne and Griffin series, Meep. Especially in later books.

* A Reader Obsessed * Hi everyone! Yes Meep, the place Widdershins is very “special” and those that are from there are in the know ;)

I’ve just read the first 2 chapters and of course I hate Mortimer. Jackass. Off to a good start!

message 6: by Anne Boleyn's Ghost (last edited Jul 24, 2020 06:46PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Anne Boleyn's Ghost I'm at Chapter 4/10%, and I'm definitely enjoying it so far. Hawk's writing is so rich and inviting and wry. But I won't lie - being in Widdershins and the Ladysmith makes me miss Whyborne & Griffin.

@Meep - what Meags said. I'm sure that Hawk will make it accessible if you haven't finished the W&G series but I have already spotted several connected events and characters along with other tangential "winks and nudges" to the series.

I have to take a break to put Finlay to bed. @Meags I do think that he has some residual pain from the shots but I'm hoping for another long-ish night of sleep for him (and us ☺️) I'll check in a bit later!

Anne Boleyn's Ghost Hi (and goodbye, for a few) R!! Totally agree with you about Mortimer. Disappointed that Irene seems to have poor taste...

* A Reader Obsessed * @ Anne - congrats on Finlay and happy to see you’re back now that you’ve got a bit more time? Maybe?? Lol

Yes, Irene... you’d think such a strong independent woman would have better taste. I guess it remains to be seen if these characters will feature prominently in the future.

Anne Boleyn's Ghost Thanks, R! I have a bit more more time now that I'm getting the hang of things. When the baby is sleeping, I can only watch so many re-runs of Law & Order before I go nuts 🤪 But really, I wasn't reading or on GR much when I was feeling cruddy while pregnant, and when the pandemic hit, I could barely focus. Now, fortunately, I'm getting my book groove back!

Meags Yay for book grooves!

Alright, I’m mid chapter two. I do not like the people Sebastian seems to be “friends” with. Mortimer is a snobby prick but I still never seem to like any of the Endicott’s either.

Anne Boleyn's Ghost Yes, Meags, given the events in W&G, the Endicotts have been a tough sell for me. I did end up liking Rupert, though.

* A Reader Obsessed * I can’t remember if Irene was in previous books? And I just realized Sebastian was in the last book as a jr librarian who was trying to get word to Whyborne.

@ Anne - glad you have you back. Covid has definitely mad an k in mos the in all aspects of our lives for sure.

Meags Yeah, I seriously have it out for the Endicotts and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to care about any of them, even Rupert. I feel like Irene is a name that was present? But if so, I’ve clearly wiped her from my mind.

Yes, Sebastian was in Deosil, right? So, what is this, like 8 years later? Is that what Ves meant about the end of the world was meant to happen 8 years ago? The big Widdershins showdown?

message 14: by * A Reader Obsessed * (last edited Jul 25, 2020 08:33AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

* A Reader Obsessed * I’m thinking yes. 8 yrs ago was the big showdown! Rath was the one who got hurt and was staying at Quinn’s sister’s house waiting for the rest to return so he could tell them what had happened in widdershins

Meags It all feels so vague in my memory! And it was only a year ago! Whoops.

Meags I kinda dig that it’s still set in Widdershins and at the Ladysmith. Pretty cool.

message 17: by Meep (new) - rated it 3 stars

Meep Is the arcane open knowledge in the later books then? To what I remember it was acknowledged by only a few though got the impression the librarians were very much in the know and watching.
Got a feeling I'm mixing characters a bit with another series though.

I don't remember Irene from the books I read.

Every library should have a Bat room!

message 18: by Meags (last edited Jul 25, 2020 03:11AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Meags I could be wrong—and the others will drop in and say so once they’re awake, I’m sure—but the general awareness of such was only wider knowledge after the events of the final book of the Whyborne and Griffin series (because the entire town had to come together to fight in the end).

The librarians seem to be like this secret society of protectors, so yes, I’d say most of them have always been in the know.

And the Endicotts don’t really arrive on the scene until about mid series so if you only read the first couple, Meep, I’m not sure if any of them would have yet made appearances! They’re Whyborne’s relatives and also magically inclined. Many of the family play a big role in later Whyborne books.

Hope that helps!

message 19: by Meep (new) - rated it 3 stars

Meep That's a great help, thanks Meags.

* A Reader Obsessed * Yes Meep, there was a small contingent in the know but after the apocalypse that didn’t happen, pretty much everyone in Widdershins is in the know and apparently very progressive all around it seems

Anne Boleyn's Ghost Hi friends! Sorry I went MIA, I misplaced my Kindle and I'm sure I'm waaaay behind you all.

25%/Chapter 8 - I'm glad that Sebastian softened toward Ves because I was having warming up to him. Very uptight but not in the lovable Whyborne way. It won't be pretty when he discovers Ves' true intentions...

Irene - I honestly don't remember if she was in the original. If so, she didn't make much of an impression 🤷🏻‍♀️

The town being in the know - Not only that, but it also seems like they may be more magically inclined as well? Like Kelly's neighbor mentioned how she drew the sign and the box dropped on one of the bad guys' foot?

* A Reader Obsessed * Omg a lost kindle? Such a nightmare! Just this past wk I forgot mine at work and was very very very upset. Lol

This is overall inconsequential but let me know when you guys get to the part where Ves has dinner with Seb’s family. I just find the particular familiarly situation fascinating and wonder if this was perhaps a common practice way back then? Again, quite progressive...

Anne Boleyn's Ghost It was. I've been trying to avoid news and was forced to resort to reading Twitter on my phone. Biiig mistake, especially at night, lol.

Will do about the dinner scene!

Meags I’m only at 20%, Anne, so I doubt you’re waaaay behind at all right now and not waaaaay ahead of me.

I obviously can’t comment on anything you guys are talking about yet. Sorry.

Anne Boleyn's Ghost R, I just read the dinner scene. That’s...interesting, lol. It certainly wasn’t mentioned as a thing in W&G, was it?!
I feel like I would remember if so.

Anne Boleyn's Ghost No need to apologize, Meags! Reading had been slow going for me as well.

What are your overall thoughts thus far?? Is it hard not to compare to W&G? It’s kind of hard for me!

message 27: by * A Reader Obsessed * (last edited Jul 25, 2020 06:49PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

* A Reader Obsessed * I was like AND she’s not ostracized for such? Go Widdershins. Lol.

I’m liking it. There’s the dorky nerdy humor that’s missing since Rath nor Rune is Whyborne.

message 28: by Meags (last edited Jul 25, 2020 06:40PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Meags My overall thoughts are pretty vague so far. I still love her writing and the overall atmosphere of the series, but I honestly haven’t formed too detailed an opinion on the characters yet.

I dislike deception stuff in my reads so I’m struggling with all the secrets, but other than that I’m enjoying the mystery elements. I have my thoughts already about who is bad too, but I could be wrong. I’m only at 25%.

message 29: by Meags (last edited Jul 26, 2020 02:09AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Meags Okay, I made it past 35% and the dinner you ladies were talking about. It all seems a bit progressive all of a sudden. Is that just me?? It was only ten years earlier that Whyborne and Griffin were hiding their love from everyone, so it seems a bit incongruous to me, what with the sister’s situation, Sebastian’s supposed open comfort with his sexuality, and also even just how “aware” everyone in the town now seem to be with the supernatural. It’s cool and all, but incongruous to what came before...at least to me. I guess the almost end of the world does that to people?? 😂

message 30: by Meep (new) - rated it 3 stars

Meep Loosing a kindle is terrible, mines like a security blanket for me LOL I seriously sulk if I misplace it.

I'm at 34% chapter 11, no dinner yet.

I was going to ask about that; Ves seems to feel his attraction dangerous but that could be down to his secret. Sebastian confuses me, originally he seemed a very repressed character but then he's apparently open and fairly forward about his sexual interests.

Also Sebastian's suprise that others libraries don't use curses. It seems that magic/arcane has not just been revealed but is now taken for granted - possible to someone cloistered I suppose, but then why would his mother keep secrets from him?

I don't know. It's not fully grabbing me. I'd like more Ves and to meet Noct, curious about him. Sebastian I don't feel I've got a proper picture of. And without really knowing what's going on I can guess to the villian of the piece!

message 31: by * A Reader Obsessed * (last edited Jul 26, 2020 06:28AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

* A Reader Obsessed * It is so out of the blue progressive, I agree. I guess Widdershins is in its own bubble now.

And I guess Sebastian is biased having really not known anything else and I do agree, knowing magic and being somewhat open about his sexuality is taken for granted. Widdershins and what went down I’m assuming is still a very little known thing.

Anne Boleyn's Ghost It's not just you, Meags! But yes, I'm sure that facing down the apocalypse (and Whyborne and Griffin's vital role, and the fact that their relationship was obvious) relaxed attitudes about sexuality as well as magic. But I'm surprised that extended so quickly to polygamy. And, now that I think about it, are all kids younger than 8 years?

As you know, I mostly like "secrets and lies" in romance (that is as far as my vanilla self will accept, lol) so I don't mind that element. But I already know it won't wrench my heart like Griffin's deception of Whyborne in book 1. I seriously hate to keep comparing to them, but it's somewhat inevitable...

That said, I am, as always, a big fan of the writing and the ambiance. It's nice being back in Widdershins, but I'm such a fan of the original. So I totally understand feeling more neutral or less than enthralled.

* A Reader Obsessed * I finished. Some niggles but I think this is the start of something good. Spinoffs always have an upward climb.

Where is everyone at out of curiosity?

message 34: by Meags (last edited Jul 26, 2020 03:33PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Meags 45% for me R. I’m jealous of your focus! I just didn’t have all that much quiet time this weekend... though, you already know I always read way less on weekends. And I’m sure the time difference didn’t help at all.

And back to what Anne just said, the oldest kids seemed older than 8... which is exactly the reason why it’s not sitting well with me. That level of progressiveness just doesn’t fit the turn of the century Widdershins I remember.

Meags ...and what the hell was Griffin’s deception of Whyborne in book one!?!? I’m drawing a complete blank??

* A Reader Obsessed * I’m pretty sure the eldest is 11 yo so maybe she was married first and then after the showdown, she acquired two more. Lol.

It’s rare that I read this so fast. It usually takes me at least twice as long. It helped that it was the wknd.

Meags Bahaha. Sounds about right, R. 🥴

* A Reader Obsessed * Griffin was probably investigating something and was posing as someone else?? The details are foggy for me too!

Meags I figure if I can’t remember that deception then I didn’t bother me at all. Lol

Anne Boleyn's Ghost Meags, we are book twins! I'm at the same spot. I was slower reading this weekend as well for obvious reasons, lol. Hopefully I can make up some ground tonight!

Griffin's deception (which was only a quasi-deception, really) involved the recon on Whyborne when he was investigating the Brotherhood. Griffin pretended not to know several things about Whyborne that he knew before he met him, and Whyborne found all his notes, and I believe he wrote something about blackmail (but obviously wouldn't have). So part of their early relationship had some false pretenses, and Whyborne was crushed, and Griffin was too since he had really fallen for him...

Gah, I loved that angst!

Meags Wow, I don’t remember finding that stressful at all! I just adored those two from the first! *happy sigh*

These guys have potential, like R said. And as Meep said, I don’t yet have a good handle on Sebastian for some reason. I’ll try and be more patient for the character reveals.

message 42: by Meep (new) - rated it 3 stars

Meep 55% and it's not winning me over to be honest. Seems babbly without getting anywhere.

I'm interested in what you think, as I've not completed the Widdershin series, maybe better knowing the verse adds atmosphere.

Still not getting Sebastian, his lust is mentioned and it's startling, maybe because my first impression was his reserve it's hard to then filter his modern attitude to sexuality in.
I didn't get why they retired to Sebastian's bedroom to read the letters instead of there being a study or vacant room, the house description suggests size. There's no historical feel, everyone is so progressive.

R - I think the eldest is 11 too.

This magic and arcane - Sebastian thought Ves wouldn't believe him about it being true, but that doesn't add up to his assumption all libraries use curses... I suppose it could be such a normal thing to him he'd not think it through, but it bugs at me I'd think they'd be more careful with 'outsiders'

How does everyone else feel about the tease? The what is Ves question. I'm not a fan of secrets through a book, I tend to end up skimming to get the answer so I can focus on the plot! - I haven't btw, promise. But I do have suspicions. Also of where a book might be.

Meags I agree with the progressiveness being a bit startling in this era, even though I should probably be on board with it—it still feels out of place somehow.

I’m certainly not the one to answer your questions about the wider series and enjoyment, Meep. I’m a reading order fanatic and can not fathom how people pick up mid series books or read spin off series without all the prior knowledge. It’s simply not in my capabilities as a reader. I’m OCD for every single detail. So, yes, I would adamantly say that fully knowing Whyborne and Griffin’s saga is a huge plus in MY overall experience and enjoyment here, but obviously others have forged ahead without that background knowledge and have seemed to enjoy it.

As for the secrets thing, I’m definitely intrigued to see what Ves is cursed with. Although that wasn’t the kind of secret and deception I was speaking of when I said I struggle with such—I meant more him lying about why he’s there and how that could hurt Sebastian the closer they become. The whole “I’m something other” thing makes sense to me to keep secret until you trust someone, so I’m okay with that lie. Lol

* A Reader Obsessed * Sorry it’s not winning you over Meep but perhaps you’re inspired to finish the original? It felt for sure more in line with the times - keeping things secret, sexuality and sorcery wise with lots of adventure and horror and romance mixed in.

I’m just going to go with that Widdershins is in its own bubble and those in it are pretty much accepting of everything and anything but it is a bit naive of Sebastian to think it’s like that everywhere else.

Meags I’m looking forward to meeting Noct.

Meags @59% — well, that was unexpected!

* A Reader Obsessed * You’ll love him is my guess Meags. Looking forward to seeing more of him in the next book!

* A Reader Obsessed * Don’t ask, don’t tell. Lol

message 49: by Meep (new) - rated it 3 stars

Meep I generally try to read in order, found the Widdershins a bit too out there, the second book especially, I've never read Lovecraft and felt I'd need to read some first to appreciate it.
Took a chance on this. I like libraries!

It makes sense not to reveal what he is, but I'd like the reader to get more clues. And to meet Noct.

message 50: by Meep (new) - rated it 3 stars

Meep So I've met Noct. Had guessed partly right. Secrets all told and not impressed with Sebastian.

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