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Another Faust (The Marlowe School, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA read around 2009 - 2011 a group of teens with powers living with a lady, one girl has the power to stop time and she learns every language. [s]

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K (keirsten7) | 2 comments YA book I read this book around 2009 -2011 the cover had a group of teens on the front. I remember I borrowed it from the library. I read it in English in the USA. I remember there were two authors with the same last name. I think husband and wife. I think there were maybe 5-7 teens in one home with this lady. I know one of teens could pause time and spent that time learning all the languages in the world. There was a scene with her sitting on a train where she was listening to people around her speaking in different languages. She was thinking about how obscure the language was. She had to take a drink m from the lady who owned the house that prevented her from aging. She didn’t realize that’s what it was for.Another boy could go back in time as much as he wanted to change outcomes. He was kind of crazy it mentioned that he went back in time to shoot everyone in his school then reversed it to where everyone lived. One girl was very beautiful and enigmatic I guess that was her power. The girl with the power to pause time ended up defeating the lady who owned the house. And since she was no longer taking the drink that stopped her from aging she became an old lady. Two of the teens left to live with her.
Thank you for your help!

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Madeleine | 21 comments Maybe this one?

Another Faust by Daniel Nayeri

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K (keirsten7) | 2 comments Oh my gosh thank you!!! I’ve been trying for years to remember this!!!

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Rainbowheart | 19177 comments Another Faust for the trackable link.

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Madeleine | 21 comments You are very welcome!

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