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UNSOLVED: One specific book > A historical novel set in a PA community with an abandoned mine. The plot centers around a death in the past, but not exactly a mystery.

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Norbert | 2 comments The central character is female, about high school age, being raised by her grandmother. Her mother, named Lillian, is a minor character who works in a department store in Scranton.

While not exactly a mystery, the plot centers around the death of someone close to the family in the past. It has been blamed on a male character, who is perhaps autistic, but because of the times is locked up in a mental institution. In the end, the character was killed by her abuser, someone respected in the community.

Small details I remember: I think the old mine is on fire underground. Times are bad because the mine has closed, and people often pick huckleberries on the hillsides. It’s customary to call out “Huckleberry miner, I see your hiner” or something equally silly to those people.

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Norbert | 2 comments I believe I found it. Whispers from the Ashes by Patricia Hester. Can anyone confirm?

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