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The Hearts We Sold
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA paranormal/dystopian modern world invaded by demons. People make deals with the demons to get beauty, wealth etc but the main girl sells her heart to a demon to save her sick/dying mom. She falls in love with a guy who works for the demon. [s]

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Crystal | 326 comments This book is YA paranormal/dystopian with some romance. I read it around 2 or 3 years ago.

Basically the story is about a post apocalyptic world where demons suddenly appeared in our modern world. People were scared at first but then everyone started to make deals with the demons to get want they want.

The girl doesn't trust the demons but when her mom gets seriously sick and is about to die, she decides to find a demon to save her mom's life.

She eventually meets a demon who is knitting a heart out of wool. The demon gives her some sass but agrees to save her mom's life in exchange for her heart (i thinkk it was her heart but I'm not 100% sure).

Meanwhile she sees a bunch of guys run into an abandoned building and she follows them. The main guy opens up the ventilator in the ceiling and he enters a portal where there are these dangerous evil shadow demons.

Apparently when the regular demons entered the world, they kind of opened up these portals where the shadow demons lurk. And the guy and his gang are tasked by the regular demons to help close these dangerous portals so the world will remain safe from the shadow demons.

Eventually the girl has some kind of relationship with the main guy from the gang.

And I also remember the cover has lots of stitches on it and some kind of heart? It was a beautiful cover. I seem to think the title of the book was something to do with "sold my soul" or "stitches" or "heart stitched" or "price of soul" or something along these lines

Crystal | 326 comments I'm pretty sure this book came out within the past 10 years. Also there's lots of crawling into portals to seal it scenes (while being surrounded by the shadow creatures)

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Crystal | 326 comments Plus I have a feeling it was a little cheesy with instalove and I may have not finished reading it - but not knowing the name of this book is driving me crazy. It's like a weird itch I can't scratch

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Stella❤️ 孔凡星 (stella_conway6) | 58 comments This sounds slightly similar to "The Hearts We Sold" by Emily Lloyd-Jones? The Hearts We Sold

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Crystal | 326 comments Aha! That's it!!

Thank you both - it's definitely "The Hearts We Sold". Thank you so much <3

That's amazing!

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Stella❤️ 孔凡星 (stella_conway6) | 58 comments No problem, happy to help!

Bentoboxcreature22 | 12 comments Crystal wrote: "Aha! That's it!!

Thank you both - it's definitely "The Hearts We Sold". Thank you so much <3

That's amazing!"

No problem!

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