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The Falconer (The Falconer, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Fantasy, Victorian monster hunting book, main character may have red hair and used a crossbow. I think she was hunting monsters because they killed her dad. Has a male mentor that may become a love interest. [s]

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Eliza Beal | 2 comments I read this book in June of 2018, and I'm pretty sure it was part of a trilogy. If not a trilogy, at least some sort of series that was unfinished. So it was probably published sometime between 2016-2017. The main heroine was a girl who was hunting monsters in Victorian England (or at least a fantasy world similar to victorian England), with a crossbow. I think she had red hair. She might have been hunting monsters because they killed her dad, but she teamed up with another monster hunter who acted as her mentor. His name may have been Kiernan but I'm not sure. He was really cold and callous at first but by the end of the book they got along well. The cover might have had just the girl with her bow/crossbow, but her mentor might have also been on the cover. The cover looks like something Charlie Bowater might do, and has a similar feeling as the cover to 'Sorcery of Thorns'.

Crystal | 326 comments I agree with Jessica...sounds like it's The Falconer. Also thanks for reminding me about that book! I've forgotten I read it & will be rereading

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Eliza Beal | 2 comments That's it! Thank you so much, I'll have to re-read it!

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