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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's chapter book about a boy who has a birthday party and on the day, he sees monsters outside and fights them. The MC was very shy. [s]

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Anisha_book_lover Hey guys! My friend is looking for a children's chapter book that she read somewhere in 2017-2018.
1. The MC was a young boy who was maybe in second grade? He was also pretty shy.
2. The book starts off with the father and the MC having a conversation outside their house and the father says that MC's birthday is coming up, and that they should have a party and celebrate with his friends. The boy reluctantly replies okay. The father hands him invitations to give to the boy's classmates at school, and the boy puts them in his backpack. The father suggests he walks to school and hands him a map (apparently, it was a weird book), the boy takes it and starts walking. He makes a wrong turn and ends up in a construction area. He finds a book there, and he starts to read it, but he doesn't understand any of it. An architect sees him and offers to walk him to school. They walk to school, and the boy thanks her. The boy minds his business and does regular schoolwork, and later, a bully grabs his backpack and takes his invitations out and says something along the lines of "What are these?" in a taunting tone. The boy then quietly says there are invitations for his birthday. The bully then laughs. The boy didn't pass out any invitations because he was too shy.
3. Later, the bully comes to his party (no idea why though), and then they look at the front yard and see monsters. My friend thinks the monsters were called "balloon monsters", but she's not so sure about that. They run outside and fight the monsters?
4. My friend also thinks that the bully might have been named Danny, but then again she could be wrong.
5. The boy might have also moved into town.
6. It was definitely apart of a series.
That's pretty much it! Hope someone recognizes this book!

Anisha_book_lover Found it, after some long searching!
The book is "Rise of the Balloon Goons" by Troy Cummings (part of The Notebook of Doom series)

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Kris | 34466 comments Mod
Great. Glad you found your book, Anisha_book_lover. Thanks for the update.

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