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message 1: by Louis (new)

Louis (nash62) | 2 comments This concerns a book I read about 2010. It was a pulp-style space opera book co-written by two men who were childhood friends, one a writer and the other a Catholic priest. I'm embarrassed to admit I don't remember a lot about it now except the title was something like Captain Space (I'm sure it was longer than just those two words). It was meant to be a modern-day, tongue-in-cheek version of sci-fi pulp. The cover of the hardback, which I read, showed the lead character. If I recall correctly, her looked a bit like Mr. Incredible from the Pixar movie (which I think was released after the book). The book was published sometime in the first decade of the 21st century, I believe around 2003 or so. Thanks in advance.

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Lobstergirl | 38146 comments Mod
Louis, you need to put some plot details in your topic header. Use the little edit link. (This is in the Group Rules at the top of the group's home page.)

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Louis (nash62) | 2 comments Sorry about that. Let me go back and try again. I don't really remember much about the plot now; I remember liking it so that's why I was trying to find it. Let me see if I can come up with a little more.

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