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NOTE: This is an Extreme Challenge - fast paced and requiring teams to organise themselves!

How to play NBRC Quidditch

Find a Team
Each team will have a maximum of 10 players:
3 Chasers - who throw the Quaffle to each other and try and get it through one of the hoops to score a goal.

2 Beaters - who can have offensive or defensive roles: protecting their chasers from scoring or trying to prevent the other team from doing so.

1 Seeker - who is trying to catch the Golden Snitch. Which is kind of important, since that not only means the end of the match, it also gives the team more points.

1 Keeper - who has to fly around the team hoops and stop the other team from scoring

3 reserves - who can fill in any role except Seeker; a reserve must play for a minimum of six hours. The substitution must be announced before it happens, with the time length for the substitution. Once a substitution period has ended that reserve can't play for another 6 hours.

One or more of the team members will provide announcer duties, keeping both teams and any supporters up to date with any moves played by the team.
The first announcement will be of the team members & their roles.

Minimum Reading Times
For all moves, once the first quaffle has been made, the following minimum reading times apply:
35 mins for 100 pages,
1 hour for 150 pages,
1.5 hours for 200 pages,
2 hours for 300 pages,
2.5 hours for 350 pages,
3 hours for 400+ pages.
Round page numbers (so if reading 375 pages would be 3 hours, 374 pages would be 2.5 hours)

Construct your Quaffle
Once the match has started, teams (all members of the team inc reserves) read books to spell out QUAFFLE (normal spell-out rules)
On completion, the announcer must confirm the books read and the first scoring attempt.

-> all announcements except those related to quaffle construction must include links to the book edition read
-> books cannot be started until AFTER the relevant announcement has been posted
-> announcements must be made to confirm when the quaffle construction/repair is started but need not include a link to the book
-> announcements confirming the completion of quaffle or its repair MUST contain links to the book

Scoring Goals
Scoring can be done by chains of 1, 2 or 3 chasers. Each chaser participating in the chain is required to read one book.
* 1 Chaser
- read a 500+ page book

* 2 Chasers
- Books have to be 300+ pages
- Books read need to have same title (It can be same book or different book). Example: Crash & Burn (Tessa Leoni, #3) by Lisa Gardner and Crash & Burn (Cut & Run, #9) by Abigail Roux

* 3 Chasers:
The 3 books read have to meet one of the following requirements:
- Consecutive series numbers (can be part of different series). Example Magic Burns, Iron Kissed and Marked in Flesh
- Titles start with consecutive letters. Example: Midnight Blue-Light Special, Night Broken, Orphan Number Eight
- Titles have common word between them. Example:
Blood Bound, Ties to the Blood Moon, Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Now the game starts to get exciting!

Defending the Goal Posts
The Keepers defend their goal posts by trying to dismantle their opponent's quaffle, by reading one of the books making up the QUAFFLE spell-out.

-The Quaffle can only be attacked if it is whole. Once a link is broken, you cannot start attacking until it has been repaired.
-Once the Quaffle being attacked has no less than 3 *unreadable books, the Keeper may choose another book with a connecting word (matching word--but can not be articles and words such as and/an/or/the/in/on etc. ) in the title which has a minimum of 150 more pages than the originally read title.
-This rule does not stay in effect once that quota is reached. It is only in effect if there are at minimum 3 unreadable books in a Quaffle.

*unreadable= foreign language with no translation, ARC, out-of-print Lockdown Special: no ebook available

Once the Keeper defends the goal by reading a book in the opponents quaffle
- the scoring attempt is broken
- the quaffle needs to be repaired - the letter needs to be spelled again. Note that only chasers can repair the quaffle.
- in order for the score to count, the books can only be started when the quaffle is whole - Chasers cannot reuse previously announced books in a new scoring attempt.

Elsewhere in the arena....

Beater Moves
Beaters can chose to attack the opposing chasers or defend their chasers against an opponent beater.

Read book read by one of the opposing chasers during the Quaffle Round (meaning from the time a whole quaffle is announced till the time it is broken)
If your attack is completed before a defence, the Chaser has to stay out one score or until they are successfully defended.
If they are successfully defended before your attack is complete (assuming it is in accordance with minimum times) then your attack has failed and the Chaser can proceed with the score.

If an opposing beater is targeting your chaser, read the book opposite beater is attacking.
If you finish the book (note the minimum times) then their attack has failed, the Chaser is safe and can proceed with the score.
If they finish the book before your defence is complete then the Chaser must stop reading until you complete the defence. The chain may be finished, ensuring that any stoppage time is added to the minimum reading time.

If a Chaser is sitting out, waiting for a defence, they can work on fixing the quaffle (if appropriate) but not on a goal chain, until either a legitimate goal is scored or their beater mounts a successful defence.

What book can you read?
Beaters can read a book with common word in the title (i.e no longer has to be the same book). The chosen book must be the same page count, or higher, of the book they are matching. The matching word can not be articles and words such as and/an/or/the/in/on etc
Re-reading books within a Quidditch match is not permitted

Meanwhile, high above....

The Seekers have to spot that elusive snitch and then race to capture it first!
To find the snitch, the Seeker must first spot it, by completing five of the following tasks (books for these tasks must have a minimum of 150 pages):
- read a book with wings on the cover
- read a book with the letters GOLD in the title (or subtitle)
- read a book with the letters SNITCH in the title (or subtitle)
- read a book with a yellow or gold cover
- read a book with a round thing on the cover
- read a book with the letters WINGS in the title (or subtitle)
- read a book with an item of transport (wizardly or Muggle) on the cover
- read a book with a sports item (wizardly or Muggle) on the cover
- read a book tagged Sports at least 10 times
- read a book tagged Fantasy at least 50 times

The Seeker cannot start reading for these tasks until 12 hours AFTER their first team Quaffle is made. Seekers (and Beaters) can continue to read even when a Quaffle is broken.

Then they must actually lay hands (or mouth!) on the fast-moving blighter
To catch the snitch, the Seeker must read any book used in the game with a page count of at least 350 pages (min read time of 3 hours applies)

The Beaters may try and distract the Seeker by reading one of the five task books. As always, the defending Beater can save them, using the same rules as for attacking/defending Chasers.
Beaters can not attack the "catch" book, but can still distract whilst the catch is in progress.

Once the snitch is caught the game is over! (or when the agreed match time has expired)

10 points per goal scored
150 points for catching the snitch

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When will this start?
That's to be decided once we've got some teams ready

How long will a match last?
At the moment we are envisaging matches taking place over a weekend.
This has historically been a fast and furious challenge, with speed readers excelling (note the minimum read times for books in the rules!) If you aren't a fast reader you might need to be patient as we work out matched reading speed times and/or a slower game play.

What happens to beater attacks & defenses when the quaffle breaks?
Any attacks on the chaser automatically end.
If a beater is defending against an already completed attack then that continues, if the beater is defending against an in-progress attack then that will end too, as the attack is broken off.
Beaters can distract the seeker during the quaffle break.

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